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by Tessa Gao - Feb 24, 2011 Star_s3,314 views

Finally.. i'm able to buy the well of vitalin..and my 1000 woods is gone!! :-S
and then ...i REALIZE.. it needs 70 woods for a bulid..
i should build it 60 times so i can complete the well of vitalin..
4200 woods.. i hope there would be wood gifts!! LOL
could anyone tell me any TIP??  PLEASE (cry)

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12-em-plus add reply

I wouldn't bother with the vitalin well if you don't have the wood to build it, because I found it doesn't really do anything -- I went to the official forums and asked about this when I first got it. I was told that it was supposed to give vitalin when you chopped trees, but it doesn't work very well. Their moderator advised me to just collect the rewards from it, but save them up until this wonder was fixed.

If you just need lots of wood, get a bunch of neighbours and visit them every day and chop their trees. It doesn't cost energy, and you can do it 5x per neighbour every day.


There is lots of controversy about the Wonders and more yet about the rewards that they do. The first one is necessary to the wedding happens, but I don't know if the others are necessary to do continuity to events inside the game. My tip is step by step, I'm doing twice actions in the wonder and I go on with the other missions. Otherwise, you won't have wood to do more nothing in your fair, or the own game sugests missions to you cut lots and lots of trees, like it happened to me. 150 trees to be cut off.

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