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Light-bulbPegasus can't go in barn??

by Elizabeth Festerling - Feb 25, 2011 Star_s147 views

I am so mad, I bought the new Pegasus and it won't go in the barn!  is it eventually suppose to?  I was hoping for baby Pegasus' because I try to get all the horses.  anyone know?

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12-em-plus add reply

@ Irene yea it does not make sense.. but then it must have to do with the codes or something.. or maybe it stops people from being upset when it grows in to a brown calf.. who knows with Z or why they do things at times..
@ Teresa, yes that would be nice.. but I think there would be some angry people out there that did not buy it because it does not produce..

@ Parkin.. I did get confirmation from Z. that it was like the unicorn..

They do give you time to ask them if you are not sure so the clarification is there..


I'm still trying to figure out why the Belted Cow can go in the Dairy Barn but the Belted Calf can't go in the Nursery.


I get the "decoration" animals (unicorns..and now pegasus)...because i am sure that at some point, they wiill be 'breedable' :)


I know it doesn't help but you can always ask here first or google for information if you want to know if that horse breeds.


I do not blame you for being annoyed... it should advertise this in the market when buying.... it is a swindle... what else is it for? not a cheap item either...But then I think Zynga are changing this game from a free one to a money making one... where you can still play free... however your not be on the same league.. ie.. the tree's .. as well as the amount of horse now available.. In the end it would be cheaper to buy a game for X box or playstation at least the price is upfront rather than the continual adds...

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