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Light-bulbTop posters of the week 2/25

by Bebe Lee - Feb 26, 2011 Star_s1,380 views

It's a busy short week and it's time for us to announce the top posters who wrote great posts, or shared wonderful tips, or being an active community member helping others on the forum. Here're the winners for Top Posters of the Week Award and 200 GU! coins:

Clinton StothardSocial City Gift Exchange Help

Clinton has shared great tips and new feaures of Social City game in several of his posts.

Aprilee Roach -  reply to Insane / Bonus Bar

Aprilee gave a practical tip for how to complete one of "impossible" mission tasks. She also expressed the frustration, which shared by many of frontierville players, about the other "impossible" mission - get two boxes of chocolates.

Gintaras Simanynas  - a reply to missions - why don't I see any mission when I ...

There are many questions posted on Cityville board. I consider Gintaras is a guru in Cityville and his answers are among the best.


In her posts, Vanessa shared that treat over dog's head is a bug that Zynga is aware of...

Tonya Jones Collins - Romance, Kissing Tree and Chapel Collections tip

Tonya shared a tip how to complete tree collections in Frontierville in <30 minutes.

Please congrat to these winners! And, thanks Amy, for nominating the winners.


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@Chris.. Check the add me section : )


Hey can I get some neighbors on here


FM = Facebook Message :)


@Bebe, Thanks and if something comes up, I'll let you know, however, I'll try to not spam you with it :)
Btw. not being stupid but how do I "FM" you?


Thank you! I really love this site and without all the helpful information I have found here I probably would have stopped playing the games along time ago.


@Aram, now I understand. I updated the Cityville link exchange to allow for that type of link. FM me if you think there are other types of links. thanks.


@Bebe In my comment, I mention the Cityville link exchange in the first line, already. The problem is that the URL can't be posted to the wall since that kind of URL isn't allowed, yet.
That's why I posted the comment ;)


@Venessa, I'm glad you had fun doing it. keeping it up!


@Aram, there is a Cityville link exchange that folks post their links asking for other GU members (non-friends) to help/click. 

Would Safety Goggles fall into that category?


Congrats to all by the way.


wow.. did not expect that at all.... had fun doing it.. talk about surprised.. Dog problem seems to be fixed now posted an update and still fuming over the princess hat.. its the principle now..


Congratulations to all the Top Posters and thanks for the tips :)
I want to suggest something to the gift exchange in the Cityville discussions if possible.
When building a museum or doing the new goal, City of industry, it can take a lot of time before finishing it since you can only ask a neighbour about an item once per day. What if you could post the gift link in the gift exchange topic?
In my opinion, Cityville players would have an easier time finishing their buildings =D
Here's a link for Safety Goggles, just as an example:*YULNW8T_c!1PEZgLRU%2CnRDVr4lgDHWn7*wYgtOz*JEv)*%2CVf_sFrHtpzrtxH-y


Nice to wake up and see 200 extra coins.

Thanks again all at G.U.

Congrats to all other winners. ^_^


Congratulations Top Posters :D:D

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