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Light-bulbTwo new badges, collections and a flower cart

by Barbara D'Angelo - Mar 01, 2011 Star_s719 views

I see we have two new badges, the Flippant florist that says complete 4 flower shop missions, and the Grumpy Gardner that says tend 25 flowers.  I can't find anything about a flower shop but it can't be far off if we have the badges.  

There is also a flower shop collection and a flower gardening collection in the collection box.

And I still don't have the tomato mission lol

I found some information on the flower shop at frontierville legend, we are going to have a flower cart, found in the market place.  After buying for 1000 coins and 100 wood you have to wack it 18 times.  To finish your building you need some of the old standbys, 20 each of paint, nails and drills, along with 3 new items, 10 planter boxs, 15 planter brackets and 15 awings.  The first 4 will be news feed and they state that you can only ask every 4 hours, and the last two will be ask your friends.

After completing the flower cart you can choose from four different flowers: Pansies, Daisies, Carnations and Tulips that will be grown in pots.  After you buy a flower a mission will start with the reward being a potted flower you get to choose.  The flower missions are repeatable.

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Weird they must have fixed it then because I just loaded up FV and the flowershop plus mission both came up.


I purchased the Flower shop yesterday before they took it out of the market and just now finished it. When you do get to purchase it and finish it you will be able to purchase the other 4 missions . It allowed me to purchase them all at once. Also I did not have to complete the first part of the mission to puchase these, only finish the flower shop. So far these are the missions that I have:

Pansies quest

Rewards : 100 XP + Pansies
- Craft 30 Planks inside the Covered Wagon
- Harvest 20 Apple Trees
- Collect one bag of Fertilizer

Daisey Quest

Rewards : 100 XP + Daisies
- Complete the Manure Collection
- Revive ten neighbor withered crops
- Collect two bags of Fertilizer

Carnations Quest

Rewards : 100 XP + Carnations
Clear 20 Debris from neighbor Homesteads
- Clobber five Groundhogs
- Collect three bags of Fertilizer

Tulips Quest Quest

Reward 100xp and Tulips
-Tend 30 Pigs
- Harvest 50 Clover
- Collect four bags of Fertilizer


Thank you Michele!


- 2 hours ago
this was on the site ...................................

From Zynga:


I can't seem to find the flower shop anywhere. Any ideas? All my friends seem to be working on it.


Flower post for Daisies, Tulips, and Pansies have been added to the snagbar for this event.  Smile


I planted the peanuts too but I'm betting the missions change because it is posted all of the internet. The last thing they want is for us to be prepared in advance ; (


That was my thought too Tonya, I only did one chicken coop expansion, but I have 12 coops so I don't really need to do much in the way of expansions, there are only about 25 chickens out in the yard.  It is getting so hard to get all those tools, esp since we get coins as a reward instead of more tools, and to have to get another 20 of each.

  I planted peanuts in great hopes of getting the expansion in the next couple of days :(


Guess we will be waiting longer on the expansion, which I need a lot more than a flower shop. I still haven't finished my coop expansions and we will need even more tools!

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