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Light-bulbNext update: Black Dragon , Castle Ruin , Magic Mirror and much more

by Belmin Hodzic - Mar 02, 2011 Star_s420 views

Source : Rare foal calf breeders  (My page) 

Already updated 
It inludes:  New trees , 1 coin building , few nice decos ,  black dragon and few more items....  
See images below: 
 30 000 COINS 
  Magic Fairy Ring 100 000 COINS 
  Castle Ruin 350 000 COINS 
  Black Swan Lake 20 FARMCASH 
 Enchanted Tree 5 FARMCASH 
 Black Dragon 24 FARMCASH 
 Granny Wolf 16 FARMCASH 
 Sour Apple Tree 5 FARMCASH 
  Giant Sour Apple 10 FARMCASH

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