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Question-whitecityville major problems

by Ashlee Carter - Mar 04, 2011 Star_s418 views

I've been playing this game since it first came out and here are some of the major problems I've encountered:
-there is never enough energy! I for one get tired of having to constantly ask neighbors for energy. And once your city reaches a certain population you constantly need energy to be able to do anything, even if you get help from neighbors. I think Zynga needs to come up with something similar to Frontierville and being able to buy energy with food. I think it would be a good idea to be able to use goods to purchase energy as well.
-I don't know if it's just something wrong with my game, but whenever I complete a goal and never see a reward! It just disappears. No XP increase, or coin increase, NOTHING!
-And why is it that whenever you level up, your energy doesn't refill? That makes no sense to me at all.

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12-em-plus add reply

I received refill my energy after refreshing the page - it's not showing before, but finally I got it.

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