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Light-bulbNew Repeatable storage shed Expansion missions available

by Tonya Collins - Mar 04, 2011 Star_s1,316 views

I logged in to find a new storage expansion mission available. I Just
got it so I don't have all the details except the missions are supposed
to be repeatable. The information I have is listed below. If anyone has
more details please share.

part I Stacking Wood
Chop trees 50 times (on your homestead)
Visit 25 neighbors
Have 25 cloth
rewards: 300 xp and 100 food
Part II Mortise and Tenon:
Have or Craft 100 planks
Have 16 tools
Collect 2 storage shed bonuses
rewards: 400 xp and 800 coins

Part III
Radical Reconstruction
Clear 15 debris
Craft 8 saw horses
Expand storage

To Expand Storage you will need to begin collection building supplies.
For the first expansion you will need to collect 10 shelves, 10 bins, 10
padlocks, 5 elbow grease, 5 cements , and carpenter pencils.
This will increase your space by 15.
According to there is no limit on the number of times we can complete the missions, and each time we complete the expansion Our storage will increase by 15 . However each time we do the mission the amount of materials will increase by 2.  After you complete the mission you will be put on a 4 day timer. If you wish to repeat the mission you can still collect the materials but will not be allowed to start the first mission again until the timer has expired.

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12-em-plus add reply

Does it occur to anyone else that we were told that items traded in the trade building would only be items you would not need for further missions?  I refused to trade elbow grease, cement or any of the building supplies, but I did trade shelves and bins because it was so long since we used them.  now we need them for the expansion, I had over 30 of each :(


I Checked there and in the market but didn't get part II until this morning, I only had one flower mission open at the time, who knows, another Zynga mystery!


@Barbara mine didn't show up on screen. I had to check the mission folder. I guess because I had all the flower missions open.


I finished part I yesterday but never got part II


@Betty, I haven't made it that far but I do think you have to finish part III first since "Expand Storage" is part of that quests. I am stuck at part II waiting to collect from the storage shed. Now I wish I hadn't of deleted all the extra building I had. : (


I compleated the first level it now says 35/35 i have 30 items in but it wont let put anymore in so im wondering if i have to compleat the 3 levels before i can use it ??


i saw this as well about nine hours ago, started the first level and was almost completed when i lost connection and now the mission is unavailable to me .. hopefully they will correct this soon :)

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