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Question-whiteSleeping Potion: trees don't grow back! :S

by Borbala Medvegy - Mar 06, 2011 Star_s962 views


I used Sleeping Potion, but the trees did not grow back!
How could it happen? Previously everything was OK, but now the potion
seems not working at all! I used 4 of 5 times already but nothing has
happened. I am on level 29, and the wedding is really close (1 day) so I really need some trees!

Do you have any idea what's happening? Did I something wrong?

Would be nice to have some advice..



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Don't forget you can also visit friends who have trees!


I have lot of empty (!) area for the wood and lot of Potion.
I try the whole "growing back process" for 5 times at least, when finally the trees appear.
Should I cut all the trees before it?
Or this is just some mistake in the game?
Whatever. It is still good! :D

Thanks for the answer!


Thats happened to me. You just need to spend money and buy again and you have to have uncovered ground no sod or stuff on top for trees to grow back.

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