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Question-whiteProblems with Monster world game !

by Cassidy HeartBreaked - Mar 11, 2011 Star_s2,876 views

Hi, most of players have multiple problems with Monster world these days, manny qoestions was posted on developers wall (game wall on facebook), all of these questions were delited, only questions on their posts were lefted but answer is not given. It is too sad that developers of the game don´t have a minute of their time for the answers, because, the players are keeping the game alive. Players will stop playing just because the developers can´t answer to some small questions about a game. The link on tha same page - contact the developer --> does NOT work and players are left alone. If the developers continue to ignore the players, they will be left alone in the game and will play alone with themselfs !!!
(also, sorry if i had some gramatic errors but here is not my gramatic in the problem :) )

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12-em-plus add reply

I have deleted a Monster World “free links” thread or post made by you on the Gamers Unite! forum. Posts like that are considered to be “trade” posts, and as noted in the pop-up box on the right side of every new post that every member writes, as well as in our Forum Guidelines (, such posts are not allowed without specific permission.

GU! has provided two areas for users to post Monster World "free links." Both threads are located on, and stickied to the top of, the main Monster World forum ( The first is the "Monster World Link Exchange." The second, for users with large quantities of links, is the "Monster World - Free Links Thread." Please use one of those two areas in the future for such links.

Alan Attebery
Gamers Unite! Moderator


why my monster games is not working i want play now but after loading 27 percent is not working again totally hang?

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