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Question-whiteFirefox 4 RC compatible Snagbar?

by Najae Hewitt - Mar 15, 2011 Star_s280 views

I have been so sad with the fact that snagbar keeps coming out w/ the ability to snag from more games but the thing is i cant even snag anything at all because its not compatible with the newest firefox! Its finally out of beta and still nothing... i cant have the old firefox on my computer cuz i caught some weird virus that comes back with the 3.6. so could somebody please let me know when GU! might be thinking about coming up with a new upgrade? i really miss my snagbar =(

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12-em-plus add reply

if i run ie my comp over heats after about an hour and with the snagbar its about 20 mins so im scared to go on there in fear there is some virus there too =/ the ff4 doesnt give me any problems


same here and i am on ie

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