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Light-bulbGourmet Ranch - Need much Money? ;) watch this !

by Dave Insanity - Mar 16, 2011 Star_s8,781 views

I think, most important is, that your looking in which ingredients-tree (fruits tree ending with dragonfruit, or with starfruit f.exp.) you´ll investigate th most "keys".
There´re a lot of rezipes that will bring you a lot a of money per serving ! Best "trees" are garlic, dragonfruit, starfruit and vanille i believe :D You´ll know, that you´ll need for those rezipes other ingredients too from other "trees". so just build your own plan by looking through all rezipes. so you could use your keys most effective.
my only rule is, just cooking rezipes bringing 20+ cash/serving. so you´ll have within a short time  lot of cash.
next little tip is, that you should have an eye about your total money. look when you´re able to by a new expantion.
-> youre lvl 54, next expantion is able with 57 (farm). costs 5.000.000 cash. over night I´ll get nearly 1,2 million cash. this moment I´ve 3,8 million. reaching new level needs (without buying deco) 2-3 days. so you see, when I´m level 57, I´ll have a lot more than 5.000.000 cash. so all what is more than 5,5m (half million for buying new trees, animals, etc) youll spend in deco.
best cash/ep is 289, so you´ll have to spend 289 cash for getting 1 ep. a good way to spend is buying "old tyre" 75.000cash, 251 ep.

I hope I could help a little bit :D
Dave ;)

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12-em-plus add reply

tom how tell us


i know a way to get 750 ep with 75,000 coins...that 3 times better then buying the Old Tyre :)


top[ notch hints there dave, thank you for sharing, as with slip stream, wish i had read this sooner, lol, but am greatful for your knowledge :) cheers


Do you need to be "ingame/online" to get ppl to your resutrant? Dosent look like im getting any cash while not "ingame" :/ maybe it's cuz I havent been offline for more then like 5min but still, everytime i log on again the resturant is empty with ppl and the cash is still the same as when i logged off....


Thanks for the tips, they were very, VERY helpful! If only I'd read them before starting ^_^. Now every time I level up and get my two keys, it's a battle between which stock to unlock. Just hate having to unlock the less desirable ones (such as green tea) in order to get to the really good stock; why include something that only makes for one recipe? Madness! Lol. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to contribute your winning method. I'll definitely be thinking of these elements while playing.

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