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Light-bulbUpdate on Snag Bar Firefox 4 and IE9 compatibility

by Amy Wong - Mar 22, 2011 Star_s14,162 views

We've received numerous emails and posts about Snag Bar's compatibility with Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 as they seemed to be out of the beta phase.

Firefox 4 Compatiblity:

As of 03/23/2011: We contacted our toolbar developer and they said making Firefox 4 compatible with the Snag Bar is one of their top priorities.  They said they don't have timing yet, but as soon as they do they said they'll let us know. We confirmed that now the Snag Bar works for Firefox 4. You may have to uninstall and reinstall. If you wait 24 hours, the toolbar auto update should work and you should not have to reinstall.

Internet Explorer 9 Compatiblity:

As of 03/22/2011: The snagging part should be already working for IE9. But the 1-click gift might not be working for some people (this is a different bug from the new Facebook layout that has the "Play" button instead of "accept" and "ignore") The notification box that pops up when you snagged something is gray, but this should be fixed after the next deploy.

Thanks (and please don't post any additional posts about this, it clogs up the forum)


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If you have a problem with the Snag Bar, make sure you went through the help page first:

and if none of them apply, please be ready to screenshare with our engineer.

In the email, please mentioned that you went through all the steps in the help page and describe in DETAILS what your problem is.



Yes, confirming the Snag Bar now works on FireFox 4!

You may have to uninstall and reinstall. If you wait 24 hours, the toolbar auto update should work and you should not have to reinstall.


Feb 17th, 2012: The Auto-Like feature has been disabled by Facebook. We are trying to engage Facebook to find out more. We appreciate your patience.
tries, but fails to collect gift collector :(((


I have better luck opening Gamers Unite in IE than Firefox. In Firefox I get a pop up for an Ipad and when I close that out I get a white screen. VERY frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My snag bar works fine but I've had nothing but trouble getting in and navigating in Gamers Unite the last few days. Very unusual. Be glad when it all works again :) I'm mostly using Firefox but like Chrome better. Too bad the snag bar doesn't work with Chrome!


I know you don't wanna hear it...but... I have to reload toolbar...go to layout manager (Firefox) and click default settings, click 1-click then I can accept all my gifts...pain in the butt as I have to do this each time I accept gifts...I am Windows 7 as well and Firefox 4...

I miss Caitlin's Magic too! Please come back Caitlin!!!

Thank you...


I know you said you didn't want any more posts on this topic but apparently there are still issues. I don't have a problem downloading or using the snagbar but I am on Windows7 and IE 9 and my problem is after a couple of days the toolbar just disappears completely and the only way to get it back is to uninstall and re-insall it again. I know there are a lot of bugs in IE9 because of other issues. if this is something that can't be fixed please let me know and I will just go back to IE8 because it's becoming a pain in the rear,.


"Error 190 is related to not being able to connect to Facebook. Googling around, they recommend, logging out of facebook, clearing your cookies and restarting your browser.

In the worse case, remove GU! Facebook (under FB privacy settings), and reconnect with GU! again. ....anybody tell meeeee ...plssssss :(((


2-nd day my gamers unite dont work ...why ??? :(((


Snag bar isn't compatible with Firefox 5.0.


Had snag bar, but it was having problems. After going through the entire Help Page including the debugs. Nothing helped. Decided to uninstall and reinstall. Successfully uninstalled, but am unable to reinstall. I'm trying this:

PRESS: "install now"
GET: "oops you need to be logged in"
"sign in super fast using your facebook account."
"connect with facebook" blue button
PRESS: "connect with facebook" button
NOTHING happens at all.

Using new IMAC with OSX and firefox 4.0.1

We tried sending an email to Gamer's Unite and got back an automated message saying to go to the help page. I don't see anything on the help page to actually get the snag bar. It's all about problems once you have it.

I would love to hear any ideas that anyone has to actually re install the snag bar.

thank you.


I haven't had any problems with snag bar. The only time when there is a problem is when the feed goes down and that is not a GU problem from what I understand.

I have spoken to a number of people who, 4 hours after the snag limit was reset were out already. Folks need to use the snag bar responsibly and only choose to snag the items you want. Checking all the boxes will get you more items you don't need or want and eat up your daily quota.

When you snag something you need to refresh to see the item and if you are out of requests, it will still say it snagged something. So, if you are experiencing problems, go to the feed and try to grab an item. If it says you are out of requests, then you will not gat any items being snagged.

Turn on bar raising, we all could use help on that and it doesn't count against you.


+1 for Chrome, I only use Chrome, but has to have a Firefox page open to make the snag bar work. Not a big deal, but a waste of RAM for sure.


What about chrome...I wish I could get it for chrome then maybe I'd use it!


@Amy Wong. Farmville is unbelievably slow in IE 9. I had problems with IE 8 until i used Mr. Fixit by Microsoft. Here is more info:
I use Firefox 4 and both FV and GU work fine for me. FV may be a little slow so i temporarily disable the toolbar.


how do i uninstall snag bar? it is not showing up in my control panel! it is locking up my computer and i have upgraded everything... i am sure going to miss it... also cause of it, it gets all my items at midnight and so i cant get anything during the day.... thanks


nope installed and uninstalled, cleared cache...only caught one item from fv when there were several for FrontVille avail...not working correctly...shucks.


is anybody's snag bar working now?


SNAG BAR NOT WORKING!!!!!!! I have done everything that has been suggested...uninstalled, reinstalled, gone to privacy...applications...removed gu...added it back, logged in...logged out, reloaded, etc. NOTHING is making it work. I'm sooooo frustrated!! I've been posting here for over a week now and no help. I am at my wits end.

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