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Light-bulbFarmville English Countryside Guide to Quests to get to the EC Info here EC

by April Evans - Mar 22, 2011 Star_s16,136 views

SOURCE : zynga forums / Link to source :


English Countryside: How to Get There

The English Countryside is currently only available to a randomly selected group of users as we are beginning a slow release of this feature. We will announce when this update is live to 100% of users in the near future.

By now you’ve heard all about FarmVille English Countryside, but how do you get to this second farm where you can embark on new adventures and experience an all new farm theme? This guide will show you the way.

Look! Up in the Sky!

The only real requirement you need to begin your journey to England is that you need to be Level 20. If you already are Level 20 (or as soon as you hit Level 20) you’ll see this message pop up:

Once you click “Check it Out” you’ll get an amazing animation of The Duke’s Airship crashing on your farm:

Followed by The Duke declaring that he’s just brought you a deed:

Which entitles you to a new farm in England!

Clicking on “Place Airship” will immediately put you into Placement Mode. You can choose to place the damaged Airship on your farm now, or you can place it in your Gift Box for use later (by switching to the Multi-Tool for instance). Note that placing the Airship (which triggers the quests) is completely optional. If you’d rather not bother with England right now, you can keep the Airship in your Gift Box and pull it out when you’re ready.

This is how the Airship looks on your farm:

When you place it, you’ll be launched into the first quest. If you don’t see the quest window pop up, you can always find the quest icon on the left-hand side of the screen:

The icon shows which quest you’re on as well as what part of the quest (part 1, part 2, etc.).
A note about quests: Usually each quest has between two and four objectives that need to be met in order to complete it. Many objectives can be skipped by paying Farm Cash (simply click on the “Skip” button located next to the objective you wish to skip by paying Farm Cash and you’ll be asked to confirm your decision). As an objective is completed, a green check mark will appear next to it. You can close the quest window at any time by clicking on “Okay” at the bottom of the window. Once all of the objectives for that quest are completed a reward consisting of a set of prizes will be awarded to the player. This can include XP, coins, and a special item or two.
If you haven’t done so already, click on the quest icon to bring up the quest window.
Quest: Drop Anchor!

The Duke needs something heavy to hold down his airship. This first quest has just one objective: buy three crates and simply place them on your farm. Click the Get Crate button and you’ll be taken to a Market screen which shows a single entry for a Crate. Each Crate costs 150 coins.

Click Buy, and then place it on your farm by clicking on an open spot. You’ll see the “Progress!” banner open up next to the quest icon, which indicates you’ve made progress in the quest.

Crates, like certain other items such as fences, are set to auto-purchase, meaning when you buy one and place it, you’ll automatically be given the choice of placing another for the same amount of money. This way you don’t have to go back into the Market each time you want to buy something. (If you want to get out of this mode, just click on the Multi-Tool icon.) Now all you need to do is place two more crates and you’ll see the quest complete window pop up:

Good job! The quest rewards are:
  • 100 XP
  • 5 Farm Cash
  • 2,500 Coins

You can choose to share in your good fortune with some of your friends by clicking on the Share Coins button (this will make a post to your feed), or you can just close the window by clicking on the red X at the upper right.

Now you’re ready for the next part of your quest!

Quest: Cotton To It

The Duke wants to bring you back to England to see the new farm, but the Airship has sustained some damage. Cotton will be needed to help patch it up.

This quest deals entirely with planting the Cotton only (not harvesting it). Simply plant 50 plots of Cotton by hand or with a vehicle and the quest will automatically complete. Alternatively you can skip the act of planting Cotton by clicking on the Skip button and paying 15 Farm Cash.

The quest rewards are:
  • 100 XP
  • 1 Flag
  • 2,500 Coins

Quest: Nice Supplies

To prepare for your journey you’ll need some supplies. One should do the trick! Click the Get Cow button and you’ll be taken to a Market screen which shows a single entry for a Cow.

The cost is 300 coins for a single Cow. Click Buy, and then place it on your farm by clicking on an open spot. That’s all you need! The quest complete window will now pop up.

The quest rewards are:
  • 250 XP
  • Aviator’s Cap
  • 2,500 Coins

Quest: Bon Voyage Party

You’re ready to go for England, so it’s time to throw a party and all of your neighbors can be invited—the more you get to come, the faster it’ll take for you to be able to leave. Clicking on the quest icon will bring you to the Bon Voyage Party window:

Click on the Invite Friends button to start inviting your neighbors. When they accept, the meter on the left will begin to fill, and their avatars will show up at the party. Here’s how many you’ll need:
  • 0-3 neighbors: unable to travel to England
  • 4-14 neighbors: depart in 4 days
  • 15-34 neighbors: depart in 2 days
  • 35 neighbors: depart right now

Once you get four neighbors, you’ll see a 4-day countdown timer show up underneath the Bon Voyage Party banner at the top of the window. If you manage to get 15 neighbors, the countdown timer will decrease by 2 whole days or will hit zero (whichever is better for you). Getting 35 will instantly zero the countdown timer.
Note you also have the option of foregoing the party with the use of Farm Cash. Click on the “Unlock” button to pay 60 Farm Cash and get ready to travel to England instantly.
Once the countdown timer reaches zero or is otherwise unlocked, you’ll see this banner show up at the top of the window:

Now click on “Go to the English Countryside”. You’ll see this informational pop-up:

You can click on Okay and The Duke will show you how to travel to England; otherwise you can hit Cancel. In any case, the way to travel to England is in the upper right-hand portion of the game window. Right now you can see you’re on “My Home Farm” and there’s an Airship icon right next to it:

Simply click on the icon, and you’ll see the option showing “To the English Countryside”. Click on that and away you go!

When you’re in England you can use this to come back to your Home Farm at any time. Note that when you are on one farm, the other farm is “paused”—that is to say, all timers are stopped. Your crops will not wither on a paused farm, but they will not grow either (animal or tree timers will also remain the same). A neighbor can only visit whichever farm you are currently active on; they cannot visit a “paused” farm.

You’re ready for England!

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12-em-plus add reply

lvl 41 never got it


It's been 3 months that English Countryside has been discontinued. USERS DO NOT GET MESSAGES ANYMORE, NO MATTER THE LEVEL.

Admins, would you like to add this update to the post, so that people dont get confused by this story.. I am getting a dejavu, people keep and keep asking...


I didn't get the message and im on the 34 level


i never got asked at all and im on lvl 26


i'm in level 45 and still i did'nt got my england farm



EC was retired by Zynga about 1 month ago. Those who unlocked it got to keep it but new players WON'T get it nor ppl who didn't copleted ALL quests will be able to move things between the farms. It's imposible and even CS don't have tools to do anything about it. All you can do is try enjoying LC... maybe in few months it will be more enjoyable.


i didn't get english farm yet
now i'm at level 32 what should i do to get english farm


I have the same issue just like others I added the 3 crates harvested cotton bought a cow had 13+ ppl who where invited and nothing.. it's been more than 4 days and all I have is an airship on my farm no progress bar no invite button no button to take me to england..


My button to go to england never showed up!


Like many of the players here, I have alot of things in my gifts which I'd like to be able to use on the EC farm, also why are we not able to transfer some of the animals to the EC farm as well?????


when i went to switch from one farm to the other today, it gave me an option to unpause the farms so the crops on both farms can grow at once!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!! thank you its ALOT more fun :)


I find the English farm quite refreshing personally. I've developed my own strategy for farming on 2 farms regardless of the pause feature and it doesn't hamper my ability to accomplish my tasks too much.. Minor annoyance is all and one would think that Zynga is currently working on a solution to this and I hope the development of the pause feature becomes optional and can be controlled by the user not by Zynga. It would certainly help those farmers who would otherwise have a hard time with the short duration crops so as not to lose them to wither while they were away at work etc.




have all the items, got 4 friends for party and guess what?? the next time I came on the icon for inviting disappeared. Even with only 4, I should still be able to have the new EC farm as it has been way over 4 days.


my crops in england don't grow.... if i'm in engalnd or on my home farm.... that should be fixed!
an no answer from the customer service -.-
so england isn't good for me


my countdown is at zero but i have nothing showing up to click on to take me to the new EC farm...


If anyone knows how to get to customer service, I wish you would tell them to let us use the items we have in our storage cellar on fv on our ECfarm. I have sooo much stuff stored that I could make good use of. Thanks Nanci Koliba


In reply to Donna Wippermann's comments. I understand your frustration as I'm a game player like yourself and recently sent my own msg off to Zynga Customer Support. This was what they told me.

"I'm sorry to read that your Crops don't grow, but what happen is that when you are in your Home Farm the English Countryside will be paused the same will happen with the crops on the Home Farm if you are at the English Countryside. . ."


A couple of comments. Limited release is so they can work out the bugs before they release to all. Like a new restaurant inviting a few customers in before they really open.
I hate the pause function as well but am trying to make it work for me by planting short time crops like raspberries that I never seem to be able to get to before they wither.
Also, I'd like to have a way to "ship" items from my US farm to my English farm...


i bought couple of thing for England countryside but i put them on my farmville how do transfer them to England countryside

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