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Question-whitei built a hospital a while back and never got my capitol building in inventory :(

by Mya Gaimes - Mar 23, 2011 Star_s242 views

i built a hospital a way back and never got my capitol building in my  inventory :(
i am now at level 59 and still no sign of it.should i build another hospital?or is there a link to citiville goals that i can go on and do the goal again.i think that just building another hospital might not work.anyone know?
thanks in advance to anyone who will take the time to reply. :)

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12-em-plus add reply

have you got the capitol building yet?

the goals was "Build A Hospital" and you need to:
- Have a Hospital in your city
- Collect from a Hospital 3 times

i don't know what you have to do if the goal has gone.

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