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Question-whiteOk here is a problem does anyone else had this happen?

by Fran Ortiz - Mar 25, 2011 Star_s184 views

I harvested my Engish farm yesterday and then went back to my home farm and planted left it to grow for the 12 hours, well I log on this morning and go to my farm and nothing happened my crops never grew they still say 0% grown and yes I did leave it on my home farm when I logged out.  I know about the pausing between farm so made sure it was on my home farm, zynga better fix this bug and Iam staying away from the English farm..

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Yes, and even if I leave from my main, when I come back it loads my main, but there has been no progress. My crops, trees, and horses are at the same percent as when I left. This is a big problem for me since I like to breed and that's about it.

I'll let you know what Z says...


well I havent been to the english farm since it stole some stuff on the farm and robbed me of crops for mission, i went back to home farm and harvested trees, animals then planted crops for 12 hrs. logged off computer logged back on this morning and crops still saying 0% grown, even now its still at 0% grown havent been to English farm at all...this is pissing me off...some neighbor's tell me my crops are withered when they go to my farm and other neighbor's say it shows crops fully grown...just pissed zynga and their bugs never fails...English farmville dont care for it no point in having 2 farms if only one works...


i faced the same problem. when u plant something in the england farm u have to logout from the england farm without going back to your home farm for your crops to grow. but this sucks big time because the point of having two farms is defeated. this should be fixed immediately..:)


Yay!!! I'm so glad I'm not alone, I thought I was hallucinating. I went to my farm thinking the cows, crops, animals, spa etc.. would be ready but they were stuck in a time warp. I won't be going back to England till it's fixed either. I did have one good glitch though. Somehow I managed to get the Kitchen Collection 5 times in a row. Brittany, I agree. WTF zynga


this kind of happened to me. i was on the mission that said to harvest english roses. i planted and harvested them this morning, they're even in my market stall. when i got back into my farm a bit ago, it still said i hadn't harvested anything (yet the stall was still full) and i had random red current growing? WTF zynga


i cant stand that they both dont grow its annoying to me

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