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Light-bulbTop posters of the week ( March 25th) Congrats for getting 200 GU! coins!

by Amy Wong - Mar 25, 2011 Star_s2,163 views

Another great week with lots of fun topics including info about the new Farmville English Country Farm, the new market items, new features from Frontierville, new Social City scam, and how to get live support from Zynga. Personally, I loved the comment that was awarded at the end of this post!

Chriss Ro ENGLISH COUNTRY BAD NEWS - The farm always on PAUSE Unlike English country !!! Read how Zynga give us a slap!

Chris wrote an excellent post warning users of some important points about the (at that time still unreleased) Farmville English Country - that while you are playing one farm, the other farm will be on pause and nothing will grow or mature and you can't move items between the two farms. He gathered many sources that gave sneak peek and asked the community for their opinions. 

Belmin Hodzic - Next update: Black Stallion Clydesdale , new and old tree...

Belmin is definitely the one that has lots of interesting information that not many regular users know :D and this post gave a sneak peek of the items that were going to be released in the future... maybe he used a time machine? :D 

Clinton StothardTrifle Tower Scam

Our super star Clinton had 4 of his posts in the top 50 (wow) and this was the most popular post that warned users of a new type of Social City scam.  This post was also shared by 66 people, which was the most shared among the top 50 posts! Clinton, you seem to have lots of fans and followers ;)  

Tonya Jones Collins - Dog Missions slowly rolling out....

Tonya keeps updating the Frontierville forum with info about new missions and goals, and 4 of her posts were all in the top 50 this week too! This post about the dog mission was one of the most popular - by the way, has everyone found their dogs yet?  Questions asking where to find them were one of the most popular this week too but the answers seem to vary, some say clear the grass, some say chop the tree so I couldn't choose the best answer to award this week :( In any case, thanks to many of the active members, the Frontierivlle forum is full of great info! 


Very detailed step-by-step instructions on how to get Zynga's live chat customer suppport. Beware though, Vanessa says this option is only available for preferred customers (seems like users who spend a certain amount of money every month) so if you don't see the option, you probably need to spend some doe.


Lots of great info that was collected for the (at that time unreleased) English Farm.  At the top of the post, Teresa shared some shorthorn calves that are only available in England farm too! Unfortunately they all seem to be taken... :P

Peggy George - What You Need To Know About Farmville's English Country Side Farm

Very nice tips similar to Chriss post but is written in bullet points format so it's easy to read. A very new post that should help people who just started doing the English Farm!

And also the last but not least, this comment by 'Drew Barrett  to the thread SOME ONE IS SNAGGING AND BEING RUDE ABOUT IT made my day! Absolutely love it and so did the other 18 people who liked it!

Thanks for the winners and congratulations for getting 200 GU! coins!

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12-em-plus add reply

hello to all!!! im a begginer in here!! guyz how can i earn GU coins??


congrats... hope everyone keeps up the goods.. lol


Thank you so much GU and congratulations to all... :)

Thank you, and thanks to all the great posts. I have neglected Farmville for some time now and have really found all the posts helpful in picking things back up. @ Drew, I couldn't have said it better : )


Thanks all. I am looking forward to writing other posts.


thanks and cong, to all winners :D


@ Peggy Wonderful posting Peggy. Love all of them this week. Some on the same ends.. some on apposing sides but all wonderful! Good to have all sides for sure.. Look forward to your other post!


@ Teresa.. Was wonderful information. I posted your post all week your updates.. TY! Was very detailed and informative.. I know that I also passed on the link to NONE GU members to read up on.. who also posted. I would also like to mention your detailed posting on the "Black Thoroughbred Stallion in Mystery Game...Only 4 days left UPDATED" and trying to figure out what the system is..

"There are so many variations...people seem to put a lot of faith in servers. There are more than these combinations, but while I searched I focused on finding those with the stallion, and who specified the server."

"everyone thinks it has to do with servers. Personally, I don't think that's the case.But am doing some major research to find out the best possible method"


@ Drew.. Still chuckling..

"I mean this in the nicest way possible, without sarcasm or spite:

The only way I've found to avoid this type of issue is by clicking the little red X on the upper right corner of your screen (little red circle on the upper left for Macs) because if it's come to this, you've given too much of your time, life and emotions to games. Sit back, relax and enjoy... Once it goes further than that, you've gotten in too deep"


@ Belmin Ty for getting the information on the new things.. with so many things flying around.. was hard to catch up..!! I did get the Morgan Horse which I missed.. and Sherri Imbored.. I always love her humor! The comment about "Zynga game cards and start scalping them???" makes me laugh.. hot thing in Europe.. sending a gift over to Holland with my aunt in the summer to mail to a FB FV friend for a gesture.. will give her two free balloons as an extra.. Good Karma..


@ My self.. wow .. did not expect that.. have not closed the file.. still waiting for XXX in Live Chat to give me the right information. She promised to give me a $ amount and get back to me.. I want details.. giving her a few days to research the info for me.. so its accurate.. Finance does take there time if the don`t step around it.. I am talking from first hand experience professionally... I am not done with her.. She replaced 36 FV dollars with in a day that was deleted from my account right before my eyes.. poof gone.. anyways another story..


@ Chris Ro was a great posting wonderful! Ty.. ALSO DELETED BY THEIR MODERATOR .. great catches by the way wonderful! I kept going back for more! lol you know me and glitches.. Was hoping to catch something! May have a good one for the ZBI lol.. Was so intrigued this week with all of them.. you did a great job!!!!!! Loved it! Great Job!!


Thanks Amy & G.U

Congrats Winners, Have a good weekened

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