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Question-whiteSnag bar not getting items and can you get it to snag potion requests

by Shannon Davis Harrison - Mar 26, 2011 Star_s111 views

my snag bar keeps saying i snagged a garage constuction, though nothing is checked and nothing really is snagged, so not that big a question is, it is very slow right now on the feed and i just found 2 love potions that had been sitting there for 15 minutes, thank god they were still there, lol, but the snag bar didn't get either one and this has actually been happening for a few days at least with one thing or another. what up?? =D
and can you get the snag bar to snag the potions when people ask for them?
any snag updates for chinese fv???
thank you! really appreciate all the work you put into this =D

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