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Light-bulbDoes anyone know if we can take animals from our farm and move them to our english countryside farm?

by Leah Greene Meiring - Mar 26, 2011 Star_s1,092 views

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12-em-plus add reply

completely beat the english countryside and be at the castle on the village map to unlock the share between the farms feature. to move your animals between your farms you have to put them in storage first. then when you're on the farm you want your stored animals just remove them from storage.


You have to finish all Englisch Countryside Quests. After the last you are able to move over Storage from home to england and back. You can also move trees and Decorations and plant all Crops on both Farms.


you can move animal from one to another as long as there in your gift box


i wish we could it would be alot easier so you could have one for farming and another for animals


This seems like as good a place as any to mention this, I tried to use the valentines ram ( or whatever it's actually called, the one you get from turning in valentines) in my English sheep pen, can't put him in. so save the effort if you're thinking of trying. I was able to put in the luv ewe, thank ewe, and the clover ewe, so the ewes are usable, just not the ram.


You can't take them from your farm. You can however use them if they are in your gift box. If you get a turkey from your animal through as a bonus you can place it on your second farm.

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