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Light-bulbtip for English farm seeders, harvester, tractor

by Linda Sellick - Mar 27, 2011 Star_s184 views

Tip for the English farm. Under gifts the mystery boxes contain seeders, tractors, and harvesters. So, don't purchase them if your starting out on your farm..once you get those it reverts back to the traditional gifts.

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12-em-plus add reply

also get free crafting pub. i had bought the chicken coop and the pub before getting from quest. yet never got the one from the quest in my gift box to at least sell back to make back some my money sent.


@ Brandy.. yes i got the garage for free was in my gift basket but had to delete it because i already purchase one :( kept going out of sink because you can only have one i guess...


I saw that too. I thought it was pretty nifty. Also you get most of the buildings from Quest rewards (Chicken Coop and Garage off the top of my head) so don't waste your money buying them like I did lol

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