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Light-bulbSheep Breeding How do You do it

by Christen Olnhausen Frenkel - Mar 27, 2011 Star_s1,915 views

I can not figure out how to breed sheep please help

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12-em-plus add reply

I want to do a rainbow sheep. Can you tell me how?


does anyone knows the combo to make white black polda dots ram??


Here is the quest list.. #5.. is wrong.. dont buy the ewe.. your lamb when placed on your farm.. will grow into a ewe..


they will give you one when you finish the quest.... will find the list for you..
there was one.. easy to follow.. and what to expect..


they will give you a ram.. then you can breed one sheep at a time.. click "breed" on ram then click "breed" on sheep. If you have love potions.. use them after.. If you do not have a ram you can not breed.. just wait a bit and you will get one when you finish the quest..

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