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Question-whiteslow moving farm. Freezes

by Gail Clause - May 20, 2010 Star_s416 views

OMG I am not planting untill farmville fixes its slow moving farm. It takes an hour to haevest, plow and plant. AND forget about trying to get gifts and do all the things I need to do cause the stupid thing moves sooo slow. Never use to be this way. They say they enhanced it Ha, It works worse than ever. I am so sick of playing it now. Most of Zynga games move or load slow.

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12-em-plus add reply

It was fine until they started adding all these farms, now there are too many farms and they just don't stop adding new ones. Now it takes forever since I have to switch to other farms to complete tasks, I wish I could get Zynga to stop adding new farms. I am good on one farm but, then to go to another farm, it freezes and won't load. It is really annoying getting that script message every 5 minutes.

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