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Light-bulbHelp Needed Charting Sheep Breeding! (Updated 04/11/11, Wiki Started!)

by Angela George - Apr 03, 2011 Star_s6,701 views

OKAY GUYS: WHAT DO WE THINK OF THIS??? Definitely not from the background anywhere! Could I have been right about black and white hiding in all sheep DNA? I still haven't had any other colors pop up randomly.

*Update 4/11*
It's somewhat crude, but I've started a wiki which should make it easier to share your pictures in an organized manor. Right now I've created three pages, I've put a bit of info on one which is for the "normal" sheep. So far it's all info focused around Brutus but I've got quite a bit more to put up for him as well as some results I've come up with using the Purple Dots Ram, and some mutts. But for now, sleep is needed!


Here's a simple way of keeping track of the sheep you breed that I've found useful because you don't need any sort of special program. I'm still in need of a good program to catalog them though if anyone has any suggestions! Anyway, back to my system (explanation under photo):

I've simply made a root folder named "Sheep" and given each of my rams their own folder within,  as seen on the left. You may notice, I've named mine, numbers work just as well... but are less fun. Inside Each ram's folder is a folder for each of the ewes he's bred with, containing pictures of their offspring. We're looking at all of the offspring I've produced using Brutus & the Polka Dots Sheep. I've found this really useful because you can simply save the image of the offspring on the prompt to post to your wall once your sheep is grown. And if I forget to save one I can just go to my wall and save it! And, once I do have a program or proper means to catalog everything, the single-sheep thumbnail pictures are much easier to work with than something like this, which shows several offspring of Brutus & a Grape Sheep:

Very useful to observe, however, it being a screenshot, the colors are much less clear/vivid and there's just no easy way to work with this.
*end  of update*
I am currently working on putting together a sheep breeding chart and could use some help! Any and all sheep breeders out there are invited to share any information they collect and asked to share their own results. This means we really need people to do the work themselves but appreciate useful information found elsewhere being shared as well.
Big question! Most of us know there's a "color range" for each color of sheep which can be passed on to the offspring. We really need to know more about how this works! I figure it has to work one of two ways.
a) a set NUMBER of colors for each BASE color (example: 7 shades of purple, obtainable from any purple)
b) a set RANGE of colors for the ACTUAL color (example: greenish blue could slide either way to produce green or blue)
If we can figure this out and be 100% certain it will really simplify sheep breeding and all that will be left to do is map out the colors!
More questions:
I keep having people tell me random colors can pop up for no apparent reason but so far I've only seen it happen (from reliable sources) with shades of white, and only seen it happen myself once, as shown in the picture below. Could it be that the "white gene" (and possibly black as well?) are just in all sheep? Or do the colors that don't show actually pass down in the bloodline? That is, can they skip a generation? Or more? This seems quite unlikely to me just given how much stress that would have to be on their servers. Anyhow, here's a picture of the entire bloodline of these inbred sheep!

If anyone has any examples of truly random colors popping up I'd love to see and if possible see the bloodline of the parents as well, thanks!

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hi guys..!need your help on camo ewe which i adopted from my neighbor is always giving me a whole black sheep with a masked..i tried brutus..and my all other ram but seems like i cant get another camo out of her..any suggestions?


Im good at digging up infomation.
Plus i do have some knowledge of the world lol,
Should we make a debate Thread. Called Absence and Presence of colour lmao.


Yes it is rare when the sun is setting.. and the moon is up.. but you will never see a rainbow in the dark.. which does prove your point. Was the only way I could understand it by placing it. 


but mary was the original parent have puplr polka dots? the grandfather of the ram? we have seen it go back four generations. also what colour was your ram? your polkas are white right?

lol i was thinking dark.. night.. not the moon.. but that proves the point lol

I paired the polka dot ram with the navy blue ewe, and instead of getting a navy blue ewe with white dots, I got a navy blue ewe with purple dots instead.


So you need light which is WHITE to be able to see a rainbow.
Proving once again Black is the absence of colour Without White. 


.. Which is why we do not see Rainbows at night Laughing ??


@ others.. totaly missed the debate..


@ Anbi, the white costume sheep are only costume sheep and will only produce white sheep.  the bubble gum sheep will not produce a bubble gum sheep but a pink sheep the disco sheep produces gray sheep like the mine sheep etc etc all straight colours.  Which was a huge disapointment. 


i purchased her hoping she will produce bunny lambs but she gives whites only :(


ive gotten a light blue and a darker blue and just the other day i bred a navy blue. have no idea how cause i havent bought any of the market rams or ewes. im breeding the miner sheep with a green ram now to see what happens. everytime ive bred the green one i always get a green lamb. green + pink = green green + grape sheep won on basic job= green ram smh maybe the miner sheep will give me a green ram with a cool hat! :0)


Wrong Susan What I Said Is 100% True Ask Any Scientist

Black is only the presence of all colours visually, and white is only the absence of colours visually.
When u break down these pigments <<<<< what black and white is, you will understand why white is the presence of all colours and black is the absence. 

White is the absence of color visually, but is all colors in the light spectrum. Black is all colors visually, and the absence of light on the spectrum.

If you make a Circle that you can spin fast with all the primary colours on it and then the combination of mixing the colours example

When u spin this circle what colour does it FORM  BLACK ? ( NO ) - ANSWER = WHITE.
This is proving that white is the presence of all colours in the light spectrum.





Clinton, you have that backwards. BLACK is the presence of all color and WHITE is the absence of all color.

Angela, I will start a folder like you did for my sheep too and let you know the results. This could get very interesting with all the sheep out there.


Clinton, you have that backwards. BLACK is the presence of all color and WHITE is the absence of all color.


male and female versions of 2 combos 


 I will carry on mixing the flashing hood with all the different types of ewes i have and update you on them for you to add to your chart.


you have to remember black and white are not actually classed as colours 

black is a lack of colour, when you have nothing, you have black

white is all the colours combined, as dumb as that sounds.
if you take a colour wheel, (a round disk, with red, yellow & blue -the primary colours in opposite thirds of the wheel, & between each of them, i.e between blue & yellow will be green, & between yellow & red, will be orange. a bit ike a circular rainbow) & then spin the colour wheel, the colour will appear to be white :)


I like to have brown sheeps? I have so much but no brown one. Please help me.


red purple and green make black? purple and the pink..redish.. green the black is based from the original colours all mixed together..

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