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Question-whiteim looking for different ram how can i get them plz help

by 'Jain Warden - Apr 03, 2011 Star_s109 views

im looking for diffrent ewes and rams does anyone how to get them plz help

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12-em-plus add reply

Yes, Brutus and the spotted are available... to "make" one, I have found using a 2nd or 3rd genderation ewe/ram has better results for Rams.
Ex: Brutus and grape ewe= purple ewe generation 1
Brutus and gen 1= brighter gen 2
Brutus and gen 2= better possible ram

Don't know if this helps, but I keep my pen empty. I add my ram 1st, then the ewe, same order to breed. The more attempts in a session, the plainer/more ewes I get. (pounds own head! Stop after 2 attempts!!), ok ok, ...the brighter the ram, the better the results, but not always...


The only rams availiable at the moment are brutus and the spotted ram

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