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Light-bulbGuide to breed Horses + Cows - How to + tips + tricks

by Chantal Stanford - May 20, 2010 Star_s9,539 views


To breed, essentially you need your stable, The horse(s) you want to breed. And a stallion - if you didn't get the white stallion in the mystery chest just gone, you'll need to find the wandering stallion on the feed to 'help'

The wandering stallion is a stallion, that will come to your stable (you can see if hes there by the icon on the top left of your stable when "looking inside"), shag your horses, and leaves. So you have to find another wandering stallion after every time you harvest.

The permanent white stallion, works the same way (there is no higher chance of foal if you have the white..its just more convenient). Only you dont need to search for a wandering stallion every night - which makes life easier.

What you do is basically have your stable full of the horses you want to breed, with a stallion (either of above, you cant have both), then Harvest your stable when its ready -
and you MAY get a foal. Or a arborist/farmhand or 100xp or Coins.

You only need really 1 FC horse to make a foal. There is No need to buy 19 or more than 3 really.

Tip 1: Only put in the horses you want to get a foal out of - ie. the FC horses. As having grey/brown horses inside, means that if you do get a foal, it might be the brown and grey ones- which is often HUGELY disappointing.

Tip 2: There is a glitch where, if any horse 33% or above gets put into an empty stable it becomes instantly harvestable. What people call this is :Stuffing. What you essentially do, is keep a couple horses outside the stable at all times, and once they reach 33 % and you have a stallion (or you found a wandering stallion), put 1 into an empty stable - and it will become harvestable.
Then put in all the horses you want to breed. Take out the "seed horse" if its a grey/brown. Then Harvest - and you might get a foal.

Rinse and repeat as many times as you like. This is how people get more than 1 foal a day. :)


This is similar to horse breeding. You need a Minimum of 1 dairy barn, 1 bull and 1 cow you want to breed. The bull is obtainable via the Farmville feed as an adoptable animal.

Put the Cows you want to breed into the barn, with a bull. Then harvest and you may get a calf.

Tip 1: This is similar to the stuffing horse tip - though slightly more troublesome.

What people do is have 5 dairy barns, all with 1 cow in it (Bull or any cow) and wait till they all become 'harvestable' Then they move in the special/wanting-to-breed cows in to one "ready" dairy barn. Then harvest. If there is no calf- Move it to the next one - Harvest..........etc


So once you get a calf - there is no point moving the FC cows after that - just harvest the barn for fertilizer/whatever...or leave it till 24 hrs later.


As you may have noticed, people share their links privately.

To do this, when you get the pop-up to share your foal. You right click on the picture of the foal and choose "copy link".... Then press "skip"
You can paste that link to messages or chat or anywhere.

Alternative way: (when you are not entirely sure who to give it to yet)

When you get the pop-up - click the padlock, the choose "customize" and choose "only me" to show it to. Then publish it. When you are ready to gibe someone the link, find the foal post on your profile page then right-click on "click here to adopt xx..." and choose "copy link" or "copy link location"... Then paste that to your friends via PM.

Shared foal links only work for your neighbours, and sometimes friends - they are valid for 24 hrs.

You can give a foal to 5 people

You can give a calf to 10 people.

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12-em-plus add reply

Can anyone help me on tips to get a stallion..Just cant seem to rely on the wandering stallion!!


i really want to start doing this as ive got many of the new types of horse ( a few of each) and and the normal black , gray and brown ones , is there no way of getting a stallion now other than looking for a wandering one every day


This is how I breed my horses and I have been pretty successful at it. I have 23 FC horses in my stable. Every time a new one comes out I add it. I have about 25 odd (black, grey, brown) horses on my yard. When the horses on the yard are at or above 34% I add one and harvest. I do this until stable is full and then I remove them and start over until I have used all horses on the yard. I usually get one or two foals from each kind of horse I have in the stable. Sometimes when I have added a lot of one type of horse(black, grey, brown) then I will get that type of foal. Basically, I add to until stable becomes full, take out what I have added and add some more until all the horses I have above 34% have been used. Sometimes I get XP, farmhands, Arborists but I always get coins. Sometimes my stallions will leave me extra coins instead of a foal. I have 4 stallions.


Thanks Chantal for the reply! I expanded the horse stable just because everybody was sending the materials but I guess I really didn't have to :P


I was finally able to get a white stallion but had to rely on getting the wandering stallion for what seemed like forever.....this worked really well for me:

Keep grey and brown horses of different percentages outside the empty stable to prime it when needed (ready for harvest) since you never know when you'll finda stallion. (using the highest percentage and working backwards pretty much ensures you'll always have horses at or near the right percentage when you need them)

As well, after harvesting prime the stable again and place whichever horse you hope to get a foal from (taking out the grey or brown horse) so that when a wandering stallion is found you can go right to the farm and harvest. If the special is at the right percentage use it since that's the one you want in the stable anyway.

Farmville bonus checker is great for this since it will 'house' any you miss on the feed which saves you having to search through all the posts to find them...if you don't have it here's the link to the app:


Yes the one cow to make the dairy harvestable can be a bull.


About the cows, can the one cow u keep in be a bull????


Dairy barns are slightly more troublesome.

What people do is have 5 dairy barns, all with 1 cow in it (normal or not) and wait till they all become 'harvestable' Then they move in the special/wanting-to-breed cows in to one "ready" dairy barn. Then harvest. If there is no calf- Move it to the next one - Harvest..........etc

You can only get 1 calf a day. So once you get a calf - there is no point moving the FC cows after that - just harvest the barn for fertilizer/whatever...or leave it till 24 hrs later.


HI Chantal!
Thank you for this post. I've been doing this for a few days now and it works really well! In one of farms :) I only have 2 special horses, the stallion, plus 17 regular horses and I've been getting about 4 foals a day!! Its Great!!.
I've also seen many farms with tons of calfs (kelly, fan, and pink patch) and i've also seen ppl talking about "seeding" the cow barn to produce calfs but I've not been successful with this. Do you have any tips for the calfs?


Ohh, gotcha, thanks! :]


@Sam Torres
It can be any horse, does not matter what colour - it can even be the white stallion.

The reason why people don't really use FC horses as seed horses - is that once the horse goes into stable and is harvested - when you take it out again, it is 0%


Just to clarify on a part I was a bit confused on - when one horse reaches 33% and you put it in, the stable becomes harvestable... This one horse, does it have to be the one you want to breed? Or, as you said, can it be the "seed horse" (ie grey, brown)?


@ Next Smallthings

No, expanding your stable doesn't seem to increase chances for breeding. Infact it may do the opposite : UNCONFIRMED - since breeding chances seem to mostly be random in FV - this is purely mathematical.
Mathematically, with a 20 capacity stable: if you have 1 FC horse with a wandering stallion, you have 1/20 chance at a foal. If you increase your capacity to 30: 1/30 chance at a foal.

Unless you have over 20 FC horses which you are trying to breed at the same time, expanding your stable will do nothing to help breeding.


Very nicely written, now I know what "stuffing" is and everything! I've seen other posts that explained this but I think you covered everything here!!

I have one question, does expanding the stable really get you more chance of breeding rare foals?

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