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Light-bulbFarmVille Removes Beta Tag & Ends Feed Throttling!

by Faisal Patel - Apr 12, 2011 Star_s211 views

thanks to FVfreak
In addition to some other updates, Zynga released a producers letter today with some big news- they have removed the beta label from FarmVille and they’ve also ended FarmVille feed throttling!

Since its debut in the summer of 2009, FarmVille has always featured a “Beta” sign in its logo. Beta, meaning that the game was still in a testing phase. However, with the release of the English Countryside you no longer see the Beta sign in the FarmVille logo. This is a huge step for FarmVille, but Zynga reminds us that even though the beta is no longer present, issues and bugs are still possible. FarmVille updates several times a week and there are millions of active players, so there are bound to be some problematic issues that arise when there is such a huge platform.


FarmVille Loading Screen with No Beta


Farmers were outraged when Zynga implemented limits on the amount of bonuses and items you could collect from your Facebook News Feed. Initially, the idea was to help prevent players using snag devices and level the playing field for all players. However, after re-thinking the limitation and listening to all of your feedback, the big Z made the decision to end feed throttling all together. There is still an enforceable limit, but no more feed throttling. This is an improvement for those players who were experiencing feed throttling despite never reaching the collection limit.


FarmVille Throttling Removed


Some other highlights from the announcement include:

Removal of BETA tag from FarmVilleAbility to Play 2 Farms with Pause OptionalBug Fixes & Improvement for heavily populated farmsJapan Relief

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Please don't post things that have already been posted a couple of times. It just clogs up the board making it hard to find real game information.

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