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Light-bulbCabin upgrade, Ponderosa Lodge Missons slowly Releasing!

by Tonya Collins - Apr 13, 2011 Star_s2,065 views

The ponderosa Lodge will work like the General store. You will have the opportunity to ugrade your cabin. You will receive a pop up from Jack saying that he has found your spouses journal. when you click on it you will get a mesage about your spouses thoughts of a new home.  Then you will have the opportunity to purchase the Ponderosa Lodge from the market.  Before you can obtain the Adobe Bricks needed to finish your building you will have to complete part 4 of the mission.



Mission 1 Wishes come true
Purchase the Ponderosa Lodge
Tend 20 oxen
Craft 4 sawhorses
reward: 200 xp , skillet collectible
Mission 2 Gussy Up The Place
Harvest 15 white Roses
Collect 15 elegeant paintings
Tend 12 peach trees
rewards: 500 xp, Oak tree
Mission 3 packing up
Visit 15 neighbors, Harvest 20 cotton, send 5 neighbor Wishlist items
rewards 750 xp, 1 rivet
mission 4 A man's home is his castle
collect 10 Throne Plungers
500 wood
Plant 20 sunflowers
rewards: Box of kittens, 1,000 xp, 15 adboe Bricks




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12-em-plus add reply

thanks ! I love your ...ideea..?! sory for my english...


If you still didnt recieved the mission and you want to start now, you can hit this link: <--- Build a Ponderosa Lodge Today!
I hope it works :) Enjoy!

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