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by Vanessa Galpin - Apr 15, 2011 Star_s2,109 views

It is official!!  We can now keep 100 sheep on EACH FARM!!  ("This limit does not include sheep bought from the Market or earned through a quest - in other words, “normal” sheep that
have not been bred")
A FEW NOTES ON SHEEP - Source: Farmville Official Blog!
 "Howdy farmers!
We wanted to make a statement regarding “illegal” sheep, including ones with patterns that have not been released. The methods by which it was possible to attain these sheep have been stopped, (??? -> wondering if they had an on/off switch on these sites?  Has Charles been shut down??) but obviously a fair number of these are currently available, and players have been breeding them at a prodigious rate. (Big word for Zynga!!  Means... people have been breeding sheep at an abnormal rate or way too fast!)   At this point in time it would be very difficult to determine how someone received one of these sheep—and it is extremely likely that if you saw a feed post or other reference to one of these sheep, the author is someone who acquired/bred that sheep legitimately. Please bear this in mind if you think someone has “cheated.” Chances are, they haven’t been. ???  Seriously?  Where are they getting this information?  Or are they down playing it? 
We also wanted to let everyone know about a change in how sheep breeding works. Previously when you got three lambs of the same gender in a row, you received a lamb of the opposite gender automatically. Currently we’ve made an alteration to this process so that the chances of getting a ram or a ewe are completely random, though the possibility of getting a ewe is higher than getting a ram.  Great so now we will get 20 ewes per ONE STUD???  Hmm.. Not Happy..
Finally, the 100 bred sheep limit (which includes current bred lambs and sheep on your farm as well as in your sheep pen or in your Gift Box) applies for each farm. So, for instance, if you have just 75 bred sheep on your English Countryside Farm, you should still have the capability of having 100 bred sheep on your Home Farm.  Earlier this week on FarmVille Podcast it mentioned that the count would NOT include  your  "NORMAL" sheep that were gifted through a quest or bought from the market. "This limit does not include sheep bought from the Market or earned through a quest (in other words, “normal” sheep that have not been bred)"  SO DOES THIS STILL APPLY??  YES IT DOES!!!!  
Now FarmVille Freak HAS CONFUSED ITS READERS...  It clearly had me confused when I actually read it after the official post!   "the statement lets us know that the 100 sheep limit applies to both your home farm and your English Countryside farm. In total you may only have 100 sheep at any given time."  The "Official" statement from Farmville CLEARLY STATES 100 on each.. I love catching these errors.. Perhaps they should change it to read... "100 sheep at any given time on each farm." Hmmm I wonder if they will retrack their statement?   
Since her post yesterday they did add... "Update: Since the release of this post, Zynga has increased the Sheep Limit to 200."  is that the retraction?  I Find that a little strange.. Since the release of this post?? Nothing wrong  with saying Opps.. Sorry I read it wrong??
Just issued from Zynga:  Sheep Population Limit  - Updated 04/15/2011 at 00:19
"Hi Farmers, 
With the release of a second sheep pen on the Home Farm players can now acquire a total of 200 bred sheep on their farms.
"This means that you can now have a maximum of 100 sheep on your Home Farm and an additional 100 sheep on your English Countryside.
Baby lambs as well as sheep kept in your gift box are included in the Sheep Population total.
Happy Farming and Sheep Breeding!"
I am reconfirming the "NORMAL SHEEP" policy if it still applies .  You never know when it comes to Zynga - retracting what they have already publically stated since they have changed the rules.   
From Customer Service by E-Mail:  "Vanessa let me inform you that the "normal" Sheeps you buy or win in Quests, do count for the 100 Sheep limit."
OMG... So that has changed??  Because of the limit increase?  I have exceeded my limit if you include all of my "normal sheep"  Including the ones that were transferred from my Home Farm to EC.  THIS WILL BE ONE ANGRY FARMER if my sheep start to go missing  - STAY TUNED    
                                  Thank Goodness for LIVE CHAT!  Always to the ResCue!
" Justin K.: the limit is supposed to just include the Sheep that you bred not the sheep that you had on the Farm."
Our Chat later got disconected and another Customer Service Agent came on who also confirmed Justins statement!
"Eunice C.: Yes, normal sheep do not count."
SO ALL IS WELL ENDS WELL... However I think they need to oficially clear this up - A lot of angry people out there READING the wrong information! 

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12-em-plus add reply

@ ari its based on the glitches we have been having because I am sure has to do with the pig pen they are launching is interfearing and causing glitches... People have found a way around it..

@ Nicole, there have been glitches and bugs that FV is aware of again it has to do or migth have to do with the pig pen they are trying to launch.  Frustrating it is..


Ahh 100 on each. thats fkn lies. I got my limit thing pop up today while on my england farm. and i even deleted some and couldnt breed anymore. I swapped to my home farm. which has maybe 20? And i still cannot make anymore, so even with deleting them. Once you hit that limit. that is it!! no more. So now i am not sure whether to re-gift the billion bottles. or hang onto them incase of a future change. Same with my unused potions? what do i do with them! I even wasted farmcash on making stupid sheep!! If i had known i couldnt make anymore. I most definately not have wasted my farmcash to hurry up the process which I cant continue to do now!


Sorry Amanda I missed your comment. You have to look at the original source and take what Farmfreak says with a grain of salt.


you know brenon i have to laugh.. a lot of people on their home farms have over 200 sheep that were given to them in quests some i know have kept 50 of the same sheep.. would be no breeding going on at the home farm. I am still shaking my head at the first girl comments in the e-mail i sent.. no thinking on her part.. did you see the new sheep pink and purple?? why on earth would any one buy them? so easy to reproduce with the normal sheep we have by mixing up the colours.. still shaking my head..


Guys n gals...

Need NOT worry!! If you as well as myself, have the beautiful unreleased sheep designs - zynga is NOT seeking them out :D First of all, it would cut them deep where it counts, their moneybag. lmao! If they even "tried to punish" those of us with our evergrowing population of sheep - anyone with half the common sense it takes to make these babies would find another hobby/game.
So... Hands down - theirs are tied. ;)


As long as you have adopted them you are in the clear. They stated that they can not find out the sources.. (hackers) who have created them because they all flooded the market to fast.. which is a true statement.. so you have no worries as long as you did not use a hack site to create them and/or selling them tor profit.. which includes exchanging the special sheep's for gift cards..


What about those having sheeps with unusual patterns (including me)? I haven't bred them myself but got one from friends. Is zynga taking any strict action against them, such as ban their accounts or something like that?


You got that right!


I'm glad to see that they changed the limit of bred sheep that you can have on your farm but I'm not sure why they changed the probability of getting a ram. I'm pretty sure that is going to get you to your limit quicker with a less positive result.

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