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Light-bulbBuilding material update

by Jack O Lantern - Apr 16, 2011 Star_s116 views

In the past, we have needed to laboriosly add our building matierials one by one to our individual buildings. with the new update, we are able to add them all in one go. this is because when we click on a matierial in our gift box, it will bring up a new cursor with a picture of the matierial and the amount you have. You can then click the building to add a matierial and keep clicking until the building is full or you run out of matierials.

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12-em-plus add reply

or maybe should easier work in doble click for request, it very useful to make buildings, and instead this i wold like to can catch the new love potion, its very boring look for potions... and 4 hours to get a sharings makes it terrible :( GU can save us ^^v I know ! CHEERS ^^v
nice day to all !


This has been posted already.


This update is one great time saver.

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