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by Vanessa Galpin - Apr 17, 2011 Star_s2,172 views

Tips - Comments and DNA charting from other players and sites -  Enjoy your Sunday with a cup of coffee or tea with some reading!  As well as a simple color chart guide to follow concerning Sheep Breeding. 
Some Interesting comments and replies with regards to COLOR CHANGING SHEEP - SHEEP WITH STARS COULD THIS BE A HACK?  To be honest I could not resist posting here.     
Elizabeth Watson "Hi Vanessa, Zynga could be getting their information right from this site. Christine, who gave us the detailed hack to get certain sheep was pretty out there and obvious. (Yes it was)  To be honest with you hackers are a bane of everybody's lives in Farmville and other games. But to be honest, they cannot be stopped. As you say ban one and more pop up; it's a never ending circle of hacks and scams. Although I use the snag bar and love GU I draw the line at hackers - because they have the unfair advantage of creating anything they want for their farm and it's just not fair. And if they feel like it they can do damage to other farms just for the hell of it."  Yes they can.. But in all honesty Zynga will replace what you have lost and find out who it is.  Yes Big Brother does watch! Go take a look at your applications.  (Account - Privacy Settings - Apps And Websites.  Then Click on Edit Your Settings) You will see that they have access to your F/B Feed as well as your Farmville Farm. 
Kenneth Ng - "God, these players who claims the star/electric/poppers sheep's are such WHINERS!!!!!!!!! if it irritates u (you) that much seeing ur (your) neighbors have it while u (you) don't & they probably wouldn't give it to u (you) bec (because) of ur (your) stinking attitude, then stop playing, period."
@ Kenneth..  Chuckling here.   Your missing the point buddy.. Nor did you look at any of the pictures.  You will see that I do have them all and more.. once it was legal to adopt.. (It would have defeated the point of this post and any credibility that I have with my neighbors and friends who were reading this post -  COLOR CHANGING SHEEP - SHEEP WITH STARS COULD THIS BE A HACK?)  I can assure you that the min it was posted that it was LEGAL to adopt.  My counter part - old family friend - and farmville neighbor - Sengul Yildirim Koca; sent me an adoption - you can see her in a lot of my pictures that I post here.

You will never get rid of the hackers and I have no problems with them, they love what they do and it is a challenge in its own way, I totally respect and admire some.. amazing actually that (more than likely kids/teenagers) they can go against/into a multi million dollar business/company like Zynga and put a major dent in there profit margin when you think about it.. and the programmers have done nothing to create some kind of code to stop this.. or at least deem the sheep from being sterial when breeding.. So who's fault is it?? Zynga.. rushing into things without coming up with something.. I sometimes think it's all about the money and nothing else.
The thing that IRKS me TO NO END is the people selling and profiting from these "special" sheep for themselves..  They are more than likely have just been breeding them (Which is simple to do) because they are way to stupid to come up with the original if they are going on line with their real names.. They deserve to be reported and banned.. Shame!! Shame!!!
 Emily Galpin -  Instead of feeding your lamb one bottle at a time.. All you have to do is click on your lamb.. "Feed Bottles" Poof!  It is done!  (As long as you have 10 bottles to feed it)  I am ashamed to admit that my 10 year old daughter showed me.. "Why are you doing it that way mommy? Its so much quicker to just feed it.." My comment to her was.. "Say what??? Show me!" I honestly thought she was off her rocker..  Opps.. I was impressed with my little mago!  Was a good tip.
 But I still like the thrill of doing it one by one when I have a special sheep. The anticipation of what it will look like.  It's like opening up a Christmas Present or a Birthday Gift! 
The other day it was posted that we can now have 100 sheep on both farms inspite of the confusion.. it should not include our "normal" sheep (which would be the sheep that we have bought from the market or received by doing a quest)  Which is a good thing because there would be a lot of Farmers on their Home Farms that would not be able to breed any sheep because they have 30++ of each!  Goes back to my Hoarding issues again.. However there are still glitches..  many Farmville neighbors, including my self have reported that their bred sheep on the farm limit is "fluid" rather at the fixed 100 amount in the in-game pop up tells us we have reached our 100 limit.  So what does that mean - Fluid? From  CabbagePatchKid GameZebo  He explains it perfectly: 
"So in other words, famers are receiving the “Sorry Farmer! You can have 100 bred sheep's on your farm.” pop up when they have less than 100 sheep. For example, I have 89 bred sheep on my farm and receive the pop up, to breed another sheep I must sell one. The rumor is that the sheep we give up for adoption are counting against our 100 limit for a certain period of time, although we can’t be certain."    
HOWEVER... Before you delete Any Sheep just refresh your farm and the count seems to correct it self.. 
Emily Galpin - Pointed out to me (They learned this in Grade 1):  You must remember that when you are breeding sheep, you must always have your primary colors handy! 
It is not that complicated and there is only 3 of them: Red, Blue, and Yellow. They are called primary colors because they cannot be created by mixing other colors.
Primary colors form the basis for the color theory or color mixing that every one is talking about.  NOTE:  White is not a color and is often used to tint colors, for example, mixing it with red will make a pale pink sheep that they have on sale in the market!DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! 
The picture below from Angela Mudge had me stumped as to why she got a black sheep.  Makes perfect sense now by looking at my daughters color chart.  The colour comes from the original four sheep. (Fourth generation) Prity cool or what!! 
The Black Sheep is based from the original colored sheep all mixed together 
By using these three primary colors it's possible to mix most other colors and come up with the different colored sheep. 
This could also explaine why Angela Mudge got a black sheep.  The colour comes from the original four sheep. (Fourth generation) Prity cool or what when you think about it!!  To see more:  Please Click Here:  Help Needed Charting Sheep Breeding! (Updated 04/11/11, Wiki Started!) 
Lastly From Clinton Stothard - who is one of our Guest Writers gave us this wonderful link!  I loved it!! It is very detailed and complex information on Sheep Breeding - By Candy J by FarmVille Loyalists - Share with Care Wonderful job that girl did and its on F/B so we wont be causing havoc on her bandwidth.. I am still amazed on the information she collected and how detailed it is and it is a wonderful source of information..  
To go back to "Baa Chicka Baa Baa BOOM!!!!" for more reading Click Here. 

                                        - HAPPY SUNDAY FARMING!! -

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Talk about easy access.. I know keep going back here to check my colour coding!


All Smiles here Colin! Thank you for leaving a ocmment!


Hi already knew about the feed all button on the lamb.. i used it from day one, but somebody recently pointed out to me. on click 8 it send out another get bottles for every body to claim ,so thats helping others witch is the name of the game well the reason for having neighbors ,in the first place ...i would not make profit on some one elses creation i would trade so i get they get situation.. anyway its a game.. period why sell things that aint real


sorry its late here.. still on edit mode.. thank you for pointing that out.. i needed an extra pic..


ops my bad.. will change it ty..


Hey Vanessa, pretty good post here. One thing though, the first picture of "primary" colors, should be Red Blue and Yellow, not Red Blue and Green..... Green is made by mixing Blue and Yellow <3 lol

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