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Light-bulbUnreleased items 4/21/2011

by Belmin Hodzic - Apr 21, 2011 Star_s392 views

Royal horse and foal

Shire horse and foal

Thorough bread horse

White wolf cub

White stork

Guardian Duck


Royal W. Horse Carrage
 RW Archway

RW Bloon Archway

RW Cake

 Moat 4th kind
Wassup Mystery


RW Swing

 RW Palace

Crystal Trees



They are not in XML yet so we will wait and I will publish Like market items and you will  know prizes :D 


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12-em-plus add reply

Same thing here I got the royal horse place it in the farm Out of Sync and Horse Gone when I sign back in :(


As soon I got the 32 people to help with the royal wedding price's place the horse in the stable and got out of sync and took the horse away , with the tree and everything. Also happen in other 2 farms from family members. What a waste of time, going throw so much work and Zynga got it fixed so as soon you place the reward OUT OF SYNC and rewards are GONE


@Vanessa , Thanks and they are going to be released in ``Royal Wedding`` feauture . I dont know lots of details , @Clinton ..Yes you are right ! :D @Tony ,Thanks :)... I am digging through Zynga Server and Static images, , Zynga made these , and they are not featured in market or on farm, yet ,,,

Please be advised that the above three foals mentioned are already being used in scams.  Not sure about the trees. The Foals are showing the official FarmVille appID and a full FB/zynga image link. (although the image links are missing the server # in the links)  So, keep an eye on the "get item" link before you click (their short and look nothing like what they are supposed to).

And the horses and trees look great by the way! Smile  Thanks for the post Belmin!


LOL , I  am wondering what could be Wassup Mystery :D


These have been brought out because of the british Royal Wedding. 


Thanks for the heads up I guess they are early for easter.. love the trees.. but that is three times this week they have come out with releases?  ouch..

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