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Light-bulbTop posters of the week ( April 22nd) Congrats for getting 200 GU! coins!

by Amy Wong - Apr 22, 2011 Star_s740 views

It's that time of the week to announce the top posters!! Now we recognize the frequent winners as "Top Posters" underneath their pictures! Some of you may have noticed that this little badge used to be called "Guest Writer"  :P because initially we wanted authors from othor blog sites to contribute to our site. However, that didn't seem to work out so well (don't ask us why), and we've asked some of our existing members to be guest writers. Now that we have the top posters of the week,  we think it makes the most sense to feature the articles written by the frequent winners of the Top Posters of the week and give them a little badge called.... "Top Poster!" :D We will continue to give this status to people who keep winning the weekly contest!

Tonya Jones Collins - Granny's Home Mission (Reward adobe bricks) )

Tonya keeps hitting a homerun! This post is about another new mission for Frontierville that was slowly rolling out to people and it had 8044 views which is really amazing! It's always good to know what the mission is and what the rewards are beforehand in case you can prepare for it!

Vanessa Galpin - Questions Tips & Answers on Sheep Breeding!! Post Here!

Congratulations Vanessa for being our new Top Poster!  She actually had 4 of her posts all in the top 10 of the week (not top 50, but top 10!) and we would love to award all of them but we have a silent rule that only one of the post by the same author wins each week to give other people a chance :P

Clinton Stothard - Free Gifts With Instructions To Purchase More Only Need 1 Of Each.- PERMINENT LINKS updated 21st april

As always, Cliton had another super popular post sharing links to some cool Social City goodies! Mmmmm, who doesn't like Phillie Cheese Sandwich!

Barbara D'Angelo - The pet shop on Frontierville

Our dear moderator Barbara (again she is not on the selection team of choosing the top posters) posted about Frontierville's new pet shop. You get to collect pees too, who doesn't like collecting pees? :D

Rae Hall - Frito Lay Farm

Mmmm Frito Lay... my favorite midnight snack! Has everyone gotten their Truck and Stand?  Rae also posted a very funny comment about a newspaper called Farmvillle Herard and their connections to Frito Lay..... :D


Ryan shared a way to level up without costing you any money if you have lots of patience. This is exactly the same as the Valentine Castle Glitch. It might take 10,000 clicks to level up to anything substantial and you might have carpal tunnel afterwards but you might be able to level up very high if you do it the whole day!!

Thanks again for all the winners and we know that we are seeing lots of regulars awarded every week but we also try to award newcomers too. So don't be intimidated, you can become a top poster and win 200 GU! coins!

p.s. Among the top posts, as always, I've not chosen the one that was a direct repost from other blog sites, and posts that I cannot confirm the info as accurate.

UPDATE - 4.22.11 9:10 PST: We'd like to award Belmin Hodzic too for giving us a very early scoop on Pig Breeding that just got release. Many people were skeptical about it at that time but Belmin proved that his information was correct as the pig breeding just got released tonight! Finally a good reason to get all those truffles!

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12-em-plus add reply

Congrates Blemin


My Treasure Isle hasn't loaded for 4 days now!!


Argh, thanks for spotting the typo, I used the template from before so I didn't notice it :P


Thats OK Vanessa :D


Congrats Belmin!  I was one of those skeptical people.. I thought no way would they launch something so soon with all the glitches and bugs.. and then it added to it even more!  Clued in that the MSD issues (100 Cap) was a MAD result of the SWINE Flue!! Creating more havoc in Farmville!! 

Thank you!

I didn't even notice the typo but then again I'm the queen of typos! 


@Nayab: thanks for spotting the typo - I went ahead and fixed it.


It should be 22nd April instead of "(April 22th)" on the title


Great post Amy Smile

WooHoo!  Congrats to this weeks winners!! 


Thanks Amy ,,  :D and Cong. to all posters !


Thank You for the compliment Amy much appreciated.  Did they change the title when searching for GU now?  If so I think its great by the way!!


Wondered why my coins went up i was thinking there was a glitch going on. 
Thanks amy just in the process of updating the None Perminent Links on the post for the people who have not been as active as most of us. 
Congrats Everyone Else.

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