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Light-bulbputting items that are snagged in igift box

by Leatha Moore Bullard - Mar 28, 2010 Star_s84 views

Could someone please tell me how the snagged gifts are put in the gift box?,Do we have to click on snag and they go straight to the gift box?,,Or does snag automatically add them to your gift box,,I've searched for answers to this and did it over and over however,,I am not finding the answers ,,when i click show 'snags' a min ago,,it took me to them,,and i 'clicked' on some shears thinkking i would have to click 'accept' or something,,but it went on to the homepage ,,if it does on the homepae it is on there for others to get?,,Do others get them now?,,or do i still get them also in my gift box?,,this is kinda confusin to me,,and still cannot figure out how to 'do the preferences' of only items i want snagged,,instead of getting 'all' of them,,how do i do this?,,HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!;,,I REALLY NEED HELP HERE!

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