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Question-whiteZynga = Gamers Unite NOT!!!

by Sheryl Smith - May 21, 2010 Star_s1,748 views

Hi all
I am new to this site but came here under no misconceptions... I knew and still know I am not in Zynga World.

So many responses/questions are worded in such a way it makes me think many people here really think they have signed up for another Zynga site... WRONG!!

Think of Gamers Unite as a help site for those of us who play Zynga games. It is fantastic to hear what you have to say about the games you play - good or bad - the questions you have regarding any/all things Zynga... but don't think the gamers Unite crew are going to help you with your Zynga problems or requests - they will give you whatever advice they can, cause they are good like that, but as for making changes to the game, they cannot as it is not theirs to change - you have to go to Zynga (

Gamers Unite - you have made my life so much better - I have more time to spend with family and friends online and off (hehe). I have learned so much reading through your posts - wow - incredible stuff here - and have passed on to many friends. There are those who say its cheating - myself I do not believe it (there are some posts which are close though, but very interesting stuff, still looking into a few... ;D)

Keep up the great work and pass on all those hints and tips. Everyone please keep posting!!!

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Thank you Game United.


This site and the snag bar are great, I feel that the definition of cheating is when you have an unfair advantage over others. This site is accessable to everyone for free. Therefore, it is not cheating. I tell lots of friends about it and this actually improves my chances of gaining more items on the snag bar. It is a win-win for everyone. The more friends you have and the more of them use this site the easier your life is. I have quadrupled the amount of friends I have now than I had before and I also snag more items as well as post items to the feed. I am giving more and getting more. So this site is very helpfull to all who use it.


I had issues w/ people when that stupid list first came out and people were removing people from lists left and right. I actually freaked out and removed myself from all this GU stuff, the FB page and the Site. But I thought about it and got really furious. I realized that THEY were telling me what to do. SO, I went back and rejoined everything. AND I posted it in my STATUS!! lol!! That went over like a brick. I only lost 1 friend though. So, maybe facing this head on is the way to go!! Now, I did try the snag bar for a couple of days, but I ended up deleting it. It just didn't work that great for me and the similar post thing came out. That pretty much rendered it useless for a few days and I always forgot I had it anyway!!(bad short-term memory!! lol!) Anyway, on Monday a friend called me upset because this list made it to another of her friends, The chick called her a liar and a cheat then blocked her. Never even gave her a chance to defend herself OR this site. THAT IRKS ME. She Was STILL on MY LIST! SO, I posted this on her WALL! It' s a little bit long, but she responded with a snotty message. And said Good Bye, But I had just Blocked her, It must have squeaked thru! Anyway, this is what I have saved to use on anyone who attacks people about GU....

Ok, Don't you think You should do a little research FIRST! Maybe NOT just believe what people say without using your own judgment. I don't use the app off of this website, And I should not have to answer to anybody ANYWAY. ALOT of people don't. THERE are A TON of Grabber sites out there. This is BY FAR NOT the best, and NOT one to get all worked up over. IT IS a GOOD site for information. I can figure out the forums on this site. I have NEVER been able to use a Forum this easily. The forums are NOT overcrowded and I have met most of my Great Friends and Neighbors Thru There. IF you bothered to ASK anyone, they would probably tell you the same thing. But you rush to judgment like sooooo many before you. So, please, take a moment before you make a serious mistake and PISS off someone who is a friend OR has never done anything to you. AND Double check your facts. Since you don't "belong" to the site you can't even go in and look, so HOW DO YOU KNOW what it's all about? Have you gone in and searched thru the forums or looked for info on something? That's where I learned to Breed all my rare foals. From what I know…, THE "SNAG BAR" refreshes every MINUTE...NOT grabbing things before they are even published. In fact, I think that if people are trying to use it now, and I don't KNOW if they are or not! The change in FV w/ Yes and NO if you want to accept an item probably makes it extremely difficult to GRAB anything w/out a PERSON getting involved. I imagine that there are OTHERS that DO grab faster, but this one, is no big deal. Most stuff is gone before I can even get to it by my own hand on the feed NORMALLY within a minute!! So, If you need to find something to bitch about, look around a little harder, there has to be one out there that DESERVES to be Bitched about. There are programs that run your WHOLE FARM out there. GO FIND THOSE!!! Please!! I will applaud your efforts for that. Otherwise, Play your games and quit worrying that we are "stealing" from you...If you are missing things, then complain, if your not...then shut up!! I am SURE that you have done SOMETHING that is not Quite “APPROPRIATE” at some point. Get off your high horse and play your games, we don’t bother you, So leave us alone!!


I know it's long and a bit much, but I was furious and could not quit typing. Feel free to take and use it. Adjust it revise it. Cut it down!! Make it better, ETC....Send me a copy if you do use it. I'll save it and probably use that version!! lol! So. Just don't let them Bully you. DawnBee! <3 <3


I agree with you totally. I used to post to the Zynga forums but gave up because all the people on that forum seem to want to do is complain about the game and fight with each other. I have found many more reasonable friends in this neck of the woods and don't have headaches from reading the posts. :) There are certain ideas for improvements to the game that I agree with, but if they don't happen, I'm okay with that too.


Gamers unite has taken my farmville and cafe world playing to a higher level. It does not do anything that I didn't do before but it does free me up to do other things. Thank you Gamers Unite.


I agree to. ^_^


I agree 100% Windy

this place rocks!!!


I like to see we can say things, as well as toss ideas around.
On the Zynga sometimes feel like you are getting
slammed, or made to feel stupid!!
I'm liking this place MUCH better!
(Not to mention the "Bonus Snag Tool! :P LOL)

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