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Light-bulbUpdated 2nd May Chameleon & Rainbow Dots DONT TRY Your Old Flashers ( WON'T WORK ) LEXI LIES, BANNED FOR TRUTH

by Clinton Stothard - Apr 29, 2011 Star_s2,714 views



This is basicly the flashing sheep we had before they blocked all of them from being bred, They have added there own to the market as they see how much of a success they was they want some of our money.

There is about 5 - 7 Colours it changes check the market for every colour


This is basicly the flashing dots we had before they blocked all of them from being bred, They have added there own to the market as they see how much of a success they was they want some of our money.

There is about 5 - 7 Colours the dots changes check the market for every colour


                                     SHARE THE POST LET EVERYONE KNOW.



Well it still looks like any of the flasher we previously had are still breeding basic BLACK & WHITE sheep. ive heard from some people who bought the new market ZYNGA VERSION's and they are doing exactly the same for them, they are getting only black and white. 
Have they gone to far and ruined there own sheep aswell or is this just a simple miss-calculation of DNA stranding or have thy not remembered to activate the breeding feature to allow for colour changes.



Please read this post
Support has said that our old flashers and any sheep produced from any illegal sheep will only reproduce basic solids Mostly Black & White.

Vanessa Galpin - OK I AM CROSS... I bought the two for my home farm - ONE OF EACH.. and bred 10x both of them.. and all I get is the patterns and straight colours.. NO CHANGE COLOUR OFF SPRINGS. 
undefined Was on live Chat.. they are not up to date on what is going on.. waiting for the e-mail from his supervisor.. I think you were much nicer than me..

                                            UPDATE 15:15 U.K TIme 29th April

Starting new tests of sheep bought the Rainbow Dots From the market i have also bought a WHITE ewe for 700 coins, They said tht it had to be 2 from the market they did not mention which 2. Just putting my Pen togethero n my home farm then will follow up with images RESULTS. 

                                            UPDATE 16:25 U.K TIme 29th April

Well, Well, Well, Whatdo we have here another proven case that there sheep in the market are corrupted due to there own mis calculation of there own DNA breeeding.

How come the XML Hackers Could get it right perfect with so many different kind of sheep, Yet Zynga are having a problem with the simplicity of just 1. See Results Below.

                                Brand New Spotty Ram And Basic Ewe From The Market

                                                   Zynga Can Not Blame Hybrids

                                          Mixed 5 Times See Results Below

So now you can see zynga it is not us who is contaminating the sheep it is you. 

Get your finger out ya ***** and get this sorted i will be expecting all 50 Bottles Returned and my purchase amount for the ram when i speak to live support shortly, Full convosation will follow.




                                       Convosation With Zynga Live Support

                                                  Updated 17:25 U.K Time


Thank you for chatting with Zynga Customer Support. A copy of your chat transcript is below.
General Info
Chat start time  Apr 29, 2011 11:39:30 AM EST
Chat end time  Apr 29, 2011 12:14:17 PM EST
Duration (actual chatting time)  00:34:47
Operator  Joanne M.


Chat Transcript
info: Thank you for playing Zynga games.  A representative will be with you shortly.
info: All representatives are currently assisting others.  Your estimated wait time is 6 minutes.  Thanks for your patience.
info: All representatives are currently assisting others.  Your estimated wait time is 10 minutes.  Thanks for your patience.
info: All representatives are currently assisting others.  Your estimated wait time is 8 minutes.  Thanks for your patience.
info: All representatives are currently assisting others.  Your estimated wait time is 2 minutes.  Thanks for your patience.
info: You are now chatting with 'Joanne M.'
Joanne M.: Hello clinton! I am a Zynga Customer Support Representative.  How can I help you today?
clinton: ( Hello Joanne M I Apologise in Advance Sorry If This Seems Abit Rude ) Ok so ive purchased one of your flashing rainbow spots rams and ive been running tests on them breeding them with a basic white sheep from the market aswell. Here are the results over a test of 5 breedings i got one spotty sheep but no flashing and all the rest were bsic solids. which is the exact same thing that is happening with the illegal spotty flshing ram which i have on my EC farm what i adopted. So Zynga are screwing with us ( PARDON MY LANGUAGE VERY FRUSTRATED ) Ive paid for something that is obviously a HOAX and it will not work because you still have them blocked. I would like to talk to a senior Assistant about getting a refund for the spotty ram i have purchased and all the 50 bottles i have used and the 25 Love Potion i have used to breed these sheep to prove that you still have not allowed us to breed flashing rams which are clearly in the market from Zynga. Im not the only person who has these results even the Chameleon Ewe is giving the same results and my fcebook feed is full of UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS. Do you want back feedback from all 47,000,000 PLAYERS AND GIVE ZYNGA A VERY BAD NAME FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE OR ARE YOU GOING TO REFUND WHAT I HAVE ASKED FOR AND GET THIS FLASHING SHEEP BUISNESS OF ZYNGAS SORTED. THANK YOU FOR READING AND SORRY I KNOW THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT AS YOU ARE ONLY AN ASSISTANT AND NOT THE DIRECT CULPRIT FOR THE PROBLEMS EVERYONE IS EXPERIENCING BUT I KNOW YOU WILL UNDERSTAND MY FRUSTRATION.
Joanne M.: Let me read it first
clinton: i will.
Joanne M.: thanks
Joanne M.: I am sorry to hear that. Regarding your issue please refer to this link for more information 
clinton: I have read this already and i have spoke with an agent this morning i have the convo sation saved i was talking to lilian B. She said that if the flashing sheep bought form the market were clearly bred with none hybrids and none illegal sheep that other flashing sheep would be produced. Sp im getting one story from them and another from you. Sorry but you seem to be avoiding the real Question Why is the breeding not working when zynga have clearly released 2 forms of flashing sheep to the public.
clinton: i would like for you to refer to this
Joanne M.: when did you purchased the flashing sheep?
clinton: about 4 - 6 hours ago
Joanne M.: Can you please give me the exact name of that flashing sheep
clinton: let me check the market
clinton: Ram (Rainbow Dots)
Joanne M.: ok
Joanne M.: It's not a flashing sheep
clinton: yes the dots change colour. and this is not being reproduced like lilian B has said.
clinton: Also the Chameleon Ewe is not passing on its Pulsating Colours to its lambs 
Joanne M.: Clinton, please be inform that breeding sheep is totally random.
clinton: Then why is it that nobody has been able to reproduce these sheep and everyone and i mean everyone is getting basic sheep. ( BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT ALLOWED THE SYSTEM TO DO SO ) Zynga is taken out FV Cash and not giving what is advertised which is false advertising.
Joanne M.: Here's what I can do. I will be forwarding your issues to  our Game Developers. They will run a full investigation in your account and find an immediate fix.
clinton: That would be the simplest and faster possible solution ? & Can i recieve and email notification of this for future reference if the matter is not fixed in the near future.
clinton: fastest*
Joanne M.: I will be sending you an email after this chat session, you can contact me through that and I can also send you an updates.
Joanne M.: I will be sending you updates on a daily basis until this issue is resolved, but I hope you don’t mind if I ask you to send me any feedback within 24 hours each time you receive my response so that we can have a constant communication coz I really want to see to it that your issue will be resolved the soonest possible time and make sure that we can maintain your impression of FarmVille being a very enjoyable game.
clinton: I will send feedback and i will continue to test the sheep this is going to cause even more frustration for me and everyone else but if this is the only way that Zynga can take action on this then hat else can i do.
clinton: It seems like we are getting punished for the people who introduced the illegal sheep which is highly biast against everyone and not just them.
Joanne M.: i apologize
clinton: and now players like me have spent lots of bottles, Love potions and even 30 FV cash - 50 on both new sheep to get back to pulsating breeding and we are losing out again.
clinton: i do hope this matter can be resolved ASAP
Joanne M.: I will be adding potions and bottles in your gift box
clinton: ty Joanna like i said i know you are not the cause and im sorry if i have been rude its just very frustrating being duped into something that can not be done.
Joanne M.: I understand
Joanne M.: Let me add 30 fv cah in your account
Joanne M.: as one time courtesy due to this issue
Joanne M.: can you please provide me your user id
clinton: yes 1 moment
Joanne M.: ok
clinton: *****
Joanne M.: thanks
Joanne M.: one moment please
Joanne M.: thank you for patiently waiting
clinton: Thank you for your time and patience and hopefully this can be good news to all my neighbours that this problem is now being looked into & updates will be provided. 
Joanne M.: the 30 fv cash is now in your account
clinton: ty joanne
Joanne M.: you're welcome
Joanne M.: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
clinton: no thats all thanks. 
Joanne M.: Thanks for contacting Zynga Customer Support. To receive an email with the transcript of our conversation, click the envelope icon and enter your email address.
Joanne M.: I would appreciate it if you fill out a short survey about your experience chatting with me. Click the red X at the top right corner of your chat window to start the survey. We value your feedback!
Joanne M.: Thanks again!
clinton: no probem have a good day.
Joanne M.: you too


               Read Zyngas Official Statement About The New Market Sheep HERE



                                       Update 1st May 00:35 U.K Time

                                                     New Live Chat


Thank you for chatting with Zynga Customer Support. A copy of your chat transcript is below.
General Info
Chat start time  Apr 30, 2011 6:40:08 PM EST
Chat end time  Apr 30, 2011 7:18:58 PM EST
Duration (actual chatting time)  00:38:50
Operator  Michael C.


Chat Transcript
info: Thank you for playing Zynga games.  A representative will be with you shortly.
info: All representatives are currently assisting others.  Your estimated wait time is 2 minutes.  Thanks for your patience.
info: All representatives are currently assisting others.  Your estimated wait time is 0 minutes.  Thanks for your patience.
info: All representatives are currently assisting others.  Your estimated wait time is 0 minutes.  Thanks for your patience.
info: All representatives are currently assisting others.  Your estimated wait time is 0 minutes.  Thanks for your patience.
info: You are now chatting with 'Michael C. '
Michael C. : Hello clinton! I am a Zynga Customer Support Representative.  How can I help you today?
clinton: Hi I know this is not due to you as i did not speak to you so im sorry if you take any offence. I spoke to a representative yesterday named Joanne M about all the problems with the new market sheep ive been having she said she would return the 30 FV Cash i had spent on the Flashing Dots Ram and also return the 25 love potions and 50 bottles i used to grow them as your clear statement on this zynga update is FALSE and MISLEADING which you also contradict yourselves on taking into account the one mentioning it is possible to breed these to create flashing sheep is posted and updted after the one about the list of breedable sheep i have the transcript saved if you need evidence as i had it emailed to me. i received my 30 FV Cash back but not the bottles or love potions and due to this i am not a happy person as your representative has lied and mis-leaded me into thining i would get my items back when i clearly have not what is going to be done about this. I was also told thati would be updated on the situation at hand and i have not heard anything may i ask what is being done about the sheep breeding problematic situation.
Michael C. : I'm sorry to hear that, Clinton.
Michael C. : I'll be glad to restore the items that weren't added to your gift box.
Michael C. : Just to check, are your sheeps producing plain white lambs?
clinton: they are producing plain white rams and ewes i had one orange ewe which when bred with any other produced another white lamb / ram
clinton: ive been heading around zynga forums that they have actually blocked there own sheep from producing gentic lambs to flash, so i think it would be clearly right to update the zynga posts ive mentioned in the first comment
clinton: hearing*
Michael C. : I see. Regarding sheep breeding, if the Ram was purchased in the Market, they are considered legal and shouldn't be affected,
clinton: this will clear up any problems people think they are having and also give alot of people peace of mind untill they have fixed these problems in the near future
Michael C. : The change only applies to sheep that were collected from the news feed or were illegally produced.
clinton: i bred the flashing lamb from the market with another market lamb
clinton: i have all this data saved and stored as i update my group page to let me mebers know any updates as not 1 and i do mean not 1 has been able to pass on these genetic markers
clinton: members*
clinton: only the camo and stars have been able to be pased on
Michael C. : I see. Currently, we just have the issue with the sheep producing the plain white lamb.
Michael C. : Since your sheep were purchased from the Market, they shouldn't be affected.
Michael C. : I'll report this to our Game Developers and have them check your account.
clinton: i hear what your saying michael but should and ARE NOT is 2 different things
clinton: there was a post in the forum earlier which explained what zynga had done and why the flashing market sheep are not producing these genetic markers i have this saved and can produce it if need be. The post was deleted by the moderators as it explinaed that zynga had blocked all genetic coding with DNA f0 - f10 inside there DNA stranding and explained that zynga used charls XML editor to create the sheep like the hackers did who first inplanted there sheep into the game.
clinton: so basicly this told everyone the market sheep to produce flashing lambs were being falsely advertised. 
clinton: and nobody would be able to create genetic lambs from these as zynga had also blocked there own 
clinton: and the mods removed it to hide the truth
Michael C. : I'm very sorry if that's the way it is coming out, Clinton. I admit that I am not aware of this development.
Michael C. : The only position that we have on sheep breeding is on this link:
Michael C. :
clinton: you have 47,000,000 players who would like straight answers from people higher than you in ranking ( NO DISRESPECT INTENDED ) as i know they keep alot of stuff from the reps
clinton: also why is the royal steed only producing Knight Foals and not Royal Steed Foals like these is on the farmville freak website which is zynga approved i have access to this infomation and an image of dark farms farm with hisRoyal Steed Foal
clinton: There is alot of issues that need to be answered and zynga keep pushing the matters to one side as if they are disregarding them and just making more ideas to creat an income.
Michael C. : This issue with the Royal Steed producing the wrong foals has actually been reported to our Game Developers and they are currently working to resolve this as soon as possible.
clinton: thats a good result with the royal steed and im glad to hear.
clinton: Do you know anything that is being done about these flashing ZYNGA APPROVED SHEEP in the market not producing flashing ofspring or are the reps being kept in the dark over this matter aswell.
Michael C. : I'm very sorry Clinton however we are also waiting on updates from our Game Developers regarding that.
clinton: They do know there game has took a nose dive in the last week + due to all the new problems and on the table of weekly players they have lots between 3 - 5 million players last time i checked. Would they take more noticed and speed things up if they lost another 10 million. As if i may speak freely ( Money seems to be there only concern ) 
clinton: lost*
clinton: itsn ot just zynga but all gaming Coprs are the same.
clinton: corps* sorry for the typos having a bad day.
Michael C. : No problem. I assure you that as soon as issues are reported in the game, our Game Developers try to address them as soon as possible. 
Michael C. : By the way, I've restored your 25 Love Potions and 50 Bottles into your gift box.
clinton: TY FOR RESTORING THEM. reply to your response before the gifts. >> Well i hope so as ive really come to enjoy playing the game since ive returned and i dont want to stop playing but if there is a constant continuation of problems and faults and mis-leading advertising to dupe people into buying things that do not work as annouced i may have to find alternative gaming. 
clinton: Thank you for you time and assistance i will not keep you any longer and look forward to seeing a new zynga update on these matters ASAP in the near future.
Michael C. : You're welcome, Clinton.
Michael C. : Thanks for contacting Zynga Customer Support. To receive an email with the transcript of our conversation, click the envelope icon and enter your email address.
Michael C. : I would appreciate it if you fill out a short survey about your experience chatting with me. Click the red X at the top right corner of your chat window to start the survey. We value your feedback!
Michael C. : Thanks again!

                                    UPDATE FROM LEXILICIOUS 2nd MAY 

Unread Today, 12:16 AM
Lexilicious's Avatar
Community Manager
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Default Breeding Update - 5/2/2011!

Hey Farmers,

We have been made aware that current in-game messaging regarding Sheep Breeding is inaccurate and confusing to our customers. This messaging implies that the success rate for color/pattern inheritance is 100% guaranteed, when in fact, it is not.

This messaging was unintentional, and we sincerely apologize for any confusion or frustration.

The text will be updated to reflect the feature's intended design as soon as possible. If you purchased a Ram and/or Ewe from the Market under the assumption that the success rate was guaranteed due to this messaging,please contact our CS department and they will refund your account accordingly. (This means your purchased Rams and/or Ewes will be removed, and the equivalent amount of Farm Cash will be restored to your account.)

Due to the volume of emails from customers during this time, it may take longer than normal for a CS agent to assist you, but they will respond to your request as soon as they are able.

Breeding and White Sheep:

Please know that the intended design of this feature was never a 100% success rate for color/pattern inheritance. We have seen reports from the community indicating that prior to the release of Pig Breeding, the pattern inheritance success rate (from Rams) was unusually high (80 – 100% success rate). This was a bug and the feature is now functioning as intended.

We have also seen reports from players indicating that an unusually high amount of White Sheep are being produced when breeding. As white is a color, it is possible to produce white sheep when the feature is operating normally.

However, we are investigating player reports to determine if more white sheep are being produced than anticipated. Please know that this process is not an easy one and will take time for us to address.

Chameleon Sheep only producing White Sheep:

Currently, the Chameleon Ewe and Rainbow Dots Ram are producing almost exclusively plain white sheep. This is a bug that we are actively working to resolve. We will be releasing a fix for the Chameleon Ewe and Rainbow Dots Ram sometime this week which will result in the color/pattern inheritance success rates to be on par with the other Rams/Sheep in the game.

As always, we appreciate your feedback! If you would like to share any thoughts or opinions, please make sure to follow the FarmVille Forum Rules and Rules of Conduct when posting.



Whatever Lexi you knew there was a problem from the start and you never brought it to surface. The players had to find out the hard way and now you say you will refund them all if they contact CS. Well what if they dont know how, you should send an apology email out to everyone and refund them in the emails. 
So stop telling lies and get to the facts, You knew the problems would arise when u blocked the illegal sheep as blocking them also blocked your own, When you fix this people will not buy they will adopt and you know this also, but Zynga is always thinking about the MONEY. Whatever you think is right you are wrong you need to give the truth as soon as you know and not dupe all the innocent players into buying sheep that is obviously a HOAX. That all said and done you will never get another penny from me untill you start speaking  100% truth 24/7 and not just a bunch of phrases stuck together in a rush to try and calm down all of us angry players.




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12-em-plus add reply

i can give you a copy of my transcript where they also had staff admitting they had capped the ability to breed patterns and they knew they were faulty when on sale, illegal flushing they called ii

General Info
Chat start time Apr 30, 2011 10:23:44 AM EST
Chat end time Apr 30, 2011 11:24:24 AM EST
Duration (actual chatting time) 01:00:39
Operator Monica C.

Chat Transcript
info: Thank you for playing Zynga games. A representative will be with you shortly.
info: All representatives are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 2 minutes. Thanks for your patience.
info: All representatives are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 2 minutes. Thanks for your patience.
info: You are now chatting with 'Monica C.'
clare: Hi
clare: i been getting out of synch everytime i get potions from other players via the pub
clare: it nbeen going on days and get annoying forums said out of synch resolved
clare: also i bought rainbow ram still cant breed with it and no one at zynga is update people
clare: the illegal sheep dont work which zynga said would
clare: i have wasted 200 potions ttry to breed
clare: all my sheep come out look like got fake tan - orange orange orange
Monica C.: I'm very sorry to hear that Calre. Don't worry I'll do my best to help you , just allow me a moment while I check your account.
clare: sure you may need 5 mins and cup of tea
Monica C.: It's ok don't worry.
clare: i was left with faulty pigs when that came in they kept change colour in pen and no were not flashers or illegal, the cust serv guy couldnt do anything, everytime went in was different colour it one thing after another
clare: i bought the ram as felt bad have illegals adoptyed and it doesnt work still and the ones they said would work dont either and there was never any intention of them
Monica C.: Have you read the article we posted about this Clare?
clare: which one - the one that says once you release in the market a certain sheep the illegal will work
clare: yet a customer service on here was recorded saying they will never work only bought ones
clare: but they dont either
clare: not one post on forum say this a known glitch or sorry we try fix
Monica C.: you see, yes this article posted it so. However, these sheep are not working yet. This doesn't mean they won't work eventually.
clare: so we all keep try breed and lose all potions
Monica C.: I personally suggest you don't breed until it is fixed of course.
clare: but i bought my sheep because said it spots would flash
clare: it didnt say will flash in a month and why release for sale a faulty product
Monica C.: Which ones isn't flashing Clare?
clare: but how do we know when it will be fixed if zynga wont admit there a problem
clare: my rain bow ram all i get is orange sheep
clare: and the stump guy didnt say eventually he said when a sheep is released the others will work
Monica C.: I am admitting you there is a problem Clare.
Monica C.: The ones you saw there would work. The ones posted on the article.
Monica C.: But not for the moment since it is still on the cheat search Clare,.
clare: yes you guys do but there hundreds out there no idea, is that what they want us coming to you to ask if fixed yet
clare: i dont know what that is
clare: they should never had say people can keep and then release pigs and then block
Monica C.: The cheat search is the reason why they are suspending the sheep color breeding.
Monica C.: They are trailing down the source and making sure it doesn't happen again.
clare: but they didnt when first knew and everyone deleting plain ones so enough room and now gone back on word
Monica C.: But People posting and breeding Cheat-looking sheep may get mixed up.
clare: released faulty items so we all sat unable to breed as no potion
clare: exactly how many hybrids could be out there so all your sheep dont work yet where is the post warn you not to breed
Monica C.: What do you mean they didn't Clare?
Monica C.: I am personally suggesting not to do so.
clare: when the illegal came to light zynga said would not effect game if had
Monica C.: They never said not to breed, only you'll get only plain looking sheep.
clare: well it is because if i adopt a sheep how do i know where from
clare: i breed it and now all my sheep contaminated
clare: you put a block on so i cant breed any cos all potentially illegal tainted
clare: but no one tells me this so i breed away
Monica C.: Clare, please let me explain ok?
clare: and if you advise me not to breed why aare zynga release sheep for sale
clare: So yes, all three of these patterns will be now allowed, meaning that after we update tonight you can breed with those patterns if you have them on your farm. Purchase is not required if you already have animals with those patterns to breed those patterns. And of course you can buy the two rams mentioned above from the Market and breed with them too. Note that the so-called "eye-patch" or "patch" pattern is not an official pattern and may not ever be one since it's a bit messed up. New pig patterns may not be available for a bit longer.
clare: that the post put out
clare: so no futre plans there - after tonight
Monica C.: May I explain this to you a bit further now Clare?
clare: yes sorry
Monica C.: very well then.
Monica C.: you see, we are currently tracing the cheat source in order to stop it and prevent it from making more cheat sheep.
Monica C.: However, this cheat source works the following way.
Monica C.: They develop a sheep, take it, post it, players claim it, breed it, post it, and so on. Right?
clare: yes i presume
clare: i dont know pc write software
Monica C.: Very well. What the devs have stopped at the moment that is withing their control is the posting.
Monica C.: And breeding therefore.
clare: i dont get that bit
Monica C.: If you don't breed Cheat sheep you don't know are cheats.
Monica C.: you won't post them-
Monica C.: And therefore there are less cheat sheep in the feeds.
clare: why not just delete all
clare: or tell players i mean look at what zynga posted
clare: after tonight you can breed with themn so that was a lie
clare: stumpgrinder man
Monica C.: would you like Zynga to delete all of your Sheep Clare?
clare: people buy the sheep he not infected yet he casnt breeed
clare: not if i only one
clare: but i dont get why they dont want them out there but we cant use them
clare: and theres dont work either
clare: so it lose lose
clare: for us yet keep get told oh they all fine
clare: go ahead use them
clare: but really you tampered with them
Monica C.: Ok, let me finish explaining please Clare.
clare: no i get they want to stop the line carrying on
clare: but that isnt what they posting
clare: we are being conned
Monica C.: Exactly, that is what I would like to finish explaining to you Clare.
clare: so you admit zynga is conning us and i pay cash for that
clare: omg
Monica C.: please allow me explain Clare.
clare: k but you did just agree then
Monica C.: Not at all Clare.
clare: exactly
clare: youi said when i said being conned
clare: but go on
Monica C.: You see, there was a mistake in the release. there is cooning in this.
Monica C.: We posted they wold be fixed when they posted the true ones in the market.
Monica C.: But it wasn't yet fixed.
clare: so why not tell us that
Monica C.: However, these are already in the market.
clare: and withdraw ones selling
Monica C.: I am telling you this. that is why the article has the link to support for you.
clare: so better to let people think it works then admit prob
Monica C.: Because they will work once they figure the cheat developments.
clare: i hear all that and understand but it doesnt take away you chjanged the rules and not told anyone no sheep can be bred with
clare: illegal or not illegal
clare: no one bar you is tell uis this
clare: we being allowed to buy
Monica C.: You see, you can breed them. But you won't get any strange looking sheep.
clare: it is wrong on so many levels
clare: but why am i pay 30 fv cos i want different
clare: you are sell me a big fat fake
Monica C.: zynga is not telling you not to breed your sheep. I'm suggesting, personally you don't since otherwise you'll keep getting white or plain colored ones.
clare: zynga is tell me go ahead they work
clare: buy this itr flashes
Monica C.: where?
clare: in the market the rainbow ram
Monica C.: yes clare?
clare: i bought cos it floash polka but it not cos zynga blocked
clare: while flushes cheats
clare: flasher one doesnt work all sheep dont work
clare: is that fair that i pay cash for something that isnt switched on yet
Monica C.: It will work later on Clare.
Monica C.: Please be patient as we are working in order to make your Game safer.
clare: but it doesnt now and you falsely advertised
clare: i appreciate all that i just dont know why they cant tell people that
Monica C.: we are telling people that Clare.
Monica C.: Support is here to inform you about it.
clare: well no one told me when i bought ram it was not yet working
clare: no posts i seen it only in here
Monica C.: This is like a normal current issue then Clare.
clare: but support doesnt write in the forums why would i come here if another guy say ok
Monica C.: There is a problem, we advise you about it and ask you to be patient while we solve it.
clare: i come here because have a problem
Monica C.: The it is solved and everything is ok.
clare: yes after the evewnt
clare: i wouldnt have to waste my money and potions if you guys posted forums
clare: you shut stable door after horse bolted
clare: i appreciate your honesty because you the only one
clare: but the damage done
clare: and could be avoided
Monica C.: besides you have already been added farm cash today, and you have 70 now after this. Which means you had 40. I have been unable to verify this loss in our Logs either. I would appreciate if you could Please do not make improper use of Zynga’s support services, including by submitting false reports is considered a Violation of Zynga's Terms of Service.
Monica C.: srry this was not meant for you it was the worng chat Clare.
clare: lol had me worried then
Monica C.: It's ok.
clare: so when do we know fixed as no one say broke
clare: i cant not breed indefinitely
Monica C.: We will send you an email when it is done ok?
clare: ok but can someone please advise that players need to know
clare: believe you me at least if know no sheep breed will be grumble
Monica C.: We will Clare, don't worry.
clare: but being falsely told it cause uproar
clare: there are wrong posts go out and that is zyngas fault and it looks shady
clare: we being sold items that are not ready to work
clare: imagine buy a tv and being told u can watch it next year
clare: you be kick off
Monica C.: Please understand Clare. We are not lying to you. It was a mistake,
Monica C.: Then you can save it and watch it next year.
clare: its not fair and not right but it a continous mistake that has not been dealt with
Monica C.: It's not that it's not working.
Monica C.: It's just not working yet.
clare: you dont carry it on and no one say sorry our mistake
clare: but if that was accident where is someone say that
Monica C.: We are here for that Clare.
Monica C.: that is why the link is posted there Clare.
clare: the fact keep quiet still says no mistake and that say we got your money complain all want
clare: sheep should be removed or stating dont work when buy
clare: there no link in market
Monica C.: Noy in the market,. The article Clare.
clare: and no orange sheep called rainbow lol
clare: nope no link
Monica C.: Can you see the small box to your right?
Monica C.: It says "Emails us"
clare: in this window or the one with post
Monica C.:
clare: where
Monica C.: It's here.
Monica C.: In that link-
clare: yes but that not warn me when buying
Monica C.: the one I just sent you.
clare: that tell me after got my cash
Monica C.: Not until you contact us which is the small box to the right of the screen.
clare: and that illegals not market ones
clare: you miss my point you are sell rams in the gamne that dont work yet
Monica C.: This is the original article.
Monica C.: Exactly that is why we are here Clare.
clare: but i go there when problem why arent i told when buy
clare: you selling me a product
Monica C.: Because it's a problem.
Monica C.: That is why Clare.
clare: and then say but we will help you when it goes wrong which it will
Monica C.: when you have a problem you come here to Zynga customer support.
clare: but that is not fair to me
clare: but i shouldnt be able to buy a known faulty item]
clare: they know it doesnt work but sell anyway
clare: that is now even worse
Monica C.: Clare, I believe I have made myself clear enough.
clare: well yes you have explained but it is wrong on so many levels what they doing
clare: surely you see that
Monica C.: and as I advised, again. It is a problem. It is a mistake. Please understand.
clare: it is not a mistake as you said they have delib done to flush out
clare: and that is what cant appreciate
Monica C.: It is a mistake to release these Clare.
clare: i understand the cleansing but nt selling and should with draw from sale
clare: or least pre warn buyers
Monica C.: So, say we remove these from the market. How many customers would contact us to tell us they weren't able to buy these?
Monica C.: Clare, again, I believe this is clear enough.
clare: better then buy a dud at least cash in pocket you think it is better to mislead people
clare: oh it is perfectly clear
clare: shame
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to [email protected] at the end of your chat.
clare: well thank you for your time and honesty
Monica C.: sure Clare.
clare: hope have a good day but i doubt somehow
Monica C.: Most likely but thank you.
clare: good luck with the rest thanks
Monica C.: Bye Clare.
clare: see ya

this is regarding the CHAMELEON RAM breed white and black and also a legal homebred flash ewe vanished

General Info
Chat start time May 11, 2011 7:50:05 AM EST
Chat end time May 11, 2011 8:17:00 AM EST
Duration (actual chatting time) 00:26:54
Operator Arturo R.

Chat Transcript
info: Thank you for playing Zynga games. A representative will be with you shortly.
info: You are now chatting with 'Arturo R.'
clare: hi - i bought the chameleon ram the other night i bred a chameleon ewe, this has now disappeared from farm i tried breeding more today and only getting black and white sheep, all being bred to genuine sheep
Arturo R.: Hello Clare. I understand that you are missing a Chameleon Ewe, is that correct?
clare: the chameleon ewe was called surprise
clare: yes it has gone it not there, was bred from the ram
clare: not the one originally on sale
clare: and all breed now is black and white
Arturo R.: Okay. So you are missing a Chameleon Ram.
clare: no i bought the ram
clare: bred it with another sheep and got a chameleon ewe
clare: this is now not in my pen
clare: the sheep i have just bred are all come out black or white
Arturo R.: I see. That is actually an issue our Development Team is still investigating, Clare.
clare: i dont understand what issue
Arturo R.: So youa re missing the Chameleon Ewe you have bred.
Arturo R.: The issue is when you constantly get white sheep from Lambs.
clare: yes was genuine bred sheep that was there yesterday but not today
clare: the issue with white was resolved according to your support page
clare: it said wouldnt happen now you get red why you put the ram back on sale
Arturo R.: That's correct, but we are still investigating some because some players are reporting that they are still getting white Sheep.
clare: oh great
clare: well i wasnt yesterday but am today
clare: since craft building also every time try to re gift i go out synch
Arturo R.: Re-gift what kind of gifts?
clare: with no potions about we cant afford to breed white sheep, was re gift like hammer and concrete
clare: normal surplus gifts
Arturo R.: I see. By the way, we cannot restore any Sheep that was bred because they are unique. However, let me just add a Chameleon Ewe in your account for this inconvenience.
Arturo R.: I know you worked hard to get the Chameleon ewe.
clare: why it called surprise
clare: i have pic on my profile if need
clare: so i cant breed at all now
Arturo R.: We don't have an Ewe that is called 'surprise'.
clare: i froze
clare: no i named it that in case needed to look records
clare: lol
Arturo R.: I see. Lol. Cool name. :)
clare: well you dont know what gonna come out
Arturo R.: Unfortunately, we cannot restore any Sheep/Ram/Pig that were bred because they are unique. However, I am adding a Chameleon Ewe in your account.
clare: and what about breeding now
clare: i cant afford to keep testing do i leave it or what
clare: poor surprise where did she go
Arturo R.: Well, basically the issue has been resolved but again, it is not 100% guarantee that you get chameleon ewe or ram for every lamb you grow.
clare: but not a black then a white then a white
clare: they said red if not chameleon i bred like 3 out of 20 lol
Arturo R.: I have done some research and have found that our developers are currently aware of this issue. I am very sorry for this inconvenience, but I assure that they are working diligently on finding a resolution for it.
Arturo R.: You are welcome to refer to our Game Forums for updates, if you would like. Links to each of the games' forums can be found at . You can find discussions, guides, technical issues and help from your friends!
Arturo R.:
Arturo R.: I'm sorry about that.
clare: thats where it said resolved on chameleon
Arturo R.: Wrong window.
Arturo R.: Lol.
clare: oh ok
Arturo R.: That is not intended for you, Clare. I apologize for that.
clare: i have that link you ok
Arturo R.: I have added the Chameleon Ewe in your gift box, Clare. :)
clare: do i need to refresh
Arturo R.: Yes please/
clare: i think so as not there one minute
clare: keep freezing
clare: so when can i breed again
clare: lost 25 aLREADY got ewe thank you
Arturo R.: You can just try breeding again, Clare. Let me add 25 Love Potions and 50 Bottles which you can use to try.
clare: this nightmare
clare: will i go in pen tomorrow and find full of pigs
clare: one last question i wanted to gift the ram to my friend but there is no option to send all other sheep have
Arturo R.: I see. That is an intended design for the game and let me treat that as a feedback, Clare.
clare: what they intend you not to buy and send to a friend on just one sheep
clare: oh i see it should do
clare: do i refresh yet
Arturo R.: Yes please.
clare: was gonna name my ewe arturo but i cant
clare: yes potions in and miss c ewe is grazing
clare: thank you - if i still breed duds do i come back or wait
Arturo R.: Yes please so we can report it.
Arturo R.: You're welcome, Clare.
clare: ok will do
clare: thank you very much for helping


i can give you a copy of my transcript where they also had staff admitting they had capped the ability to breed patterns and they knew they were faulty when on sale, illegal flushing they called i


I guess.. not.. Money mouth


I wish I had read this before buying them. I have nothing but legal sheep on my farm. I have tried 4 different times to bread them with no color changes coming out of them. Seems as though the more money that Zynga gets, the more they rip us off.


@ Chere
100% Agree they saw how much money they could make by duping people into believing there new market sheep could do the same as our banned illegals but there so dumb they banned there own without even knowing ( OR DID THEY ) people believe they did know and maybe there right. 
Time will tell if there not fixed before the end of the market cycle for them ill not buy anything from them ever again. 


This farmcash thing is a rort for them to make more money, I am not bothering doing anymore sheep or pigs, the zinga ones are boring and faulty Not interested in childish rubbish, they knew the sheep were out there and only when they realised they were losing farmcash did they act on it..sheer greed


@ Jeanette Aston
They are saying the colour  flashing or ( PULSATING OFSPRING ) as some support agents have called it are spose to be unreleased as they say but yes i bought it in the market to. 
If you read my bottom chat Joanne M tried refering me to  n  which clearly doesnt show the flashing sheep or flashing spots but like i said to her id like her to refer to this Which clearly states that it is possible to breed them.


@ Kim theres a limit of 100 sheep per farm and its still in circulation ( TO MY KNOWLEDGE ) They are solely responsible for duping people. into buying items ( SHEEP ) that obviously do not pass on there genetic coding to there ofspring as they stated here.



This was posted a few hours ago at the official forums, and right away deleted. I took care of copying and saving as a note.


I wrote to them about it and I was told that color changers are still unreleased items even though I bought them in the market


Thank you so much for all of your work on this issue. I have also bought from the market and feel like I've wasted my money and bottles..etc. Plus, isn't there a sheep breeding limit of 100? or did they do away with that. Anyway, I am glad that you pushed the issue with zynga. They need to start fixing problems before rolling out new things. Problems just pile up with them but it's no skin off their noses as they are still making the money. They need to hold up their end of the bargain and give us what we pay for. Thank you for holding them accountable on this issue. Hopefully, it will resolve the problem. Best regards, Kim


Ugg.. Same results.. All my sheep on my home farm is zynga sheep and hybrids from zynga sheep.. not one has been cross contaminated by illegal DNA.. So there is no way they can come up with excuses on this one.. you know by now how anal (I think I spelt that wrong... )  I am..


Lol sorry ive been catching up on my Zzzzzzzzs's lol 
Im still waiting for a reply email myself lol I really think that they have contaminated themselves lol. 


All of my sheep on my Home Farm has not been cross contaminated with any illegal/adopted sheep.  All are pure Zynga Sheep or the offsprings/hybrids of Zynga Sheep.  So they can not BS this one..



OK I AM CROSS... I bought the two for my home farm - ONE OF EACH.. and bred 10x both of them.. and all I get is the patterns and straight colours.. NO CHANGE COLOUR OFF SPRINGS..


Was on live Chat.. they are not up to date on what is going on.. waiting for the e-mail from his supervisor.. I think you were much nicer that me..


I love the comment at the end clinton.. love it!


hi, Ihave bred a white ewe with a vivid red collar from Brutas and the colour changing sheep from the market but only black rams, :( Should I be able to get colour changing sheep by breeding?

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