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Light-bulbNew Corral upgrade and missions:

by Barbara D'Angelo - Apr 29, 2011 Star_s813 views

New Corral missions,

The Corral is being upgraded so you can train your horses, to upgrade your corral you will need:

          15 fence beams
          15 saddle racks
          15 lead ropes
          10 horse salt blocks
          10 hay nets
          10 mounting blocks

To begin training your horse you will need to do the Corral missions, 5 new missions that have you using your horse to to tasks.

Part I,   Harvest 20 crops on horseback
          Tend 15 neighbor crops on horseback
          Feed 30 animals on horseback
           Rewards 30 XP  300 coins  

Part II,  Level up any horse to Level 9
          Collect 15 ground poles
          Feed 30 cows
          Rewards 600 coins, 1 riding crop

Part III  Have or Craft 3 bits
          Harvest 20 peppermint
          Clobber 10 Varmints on horseback
          Rewards 600XP, 5 fire

Part IV   Chop neighbor trees 50 times on horseback
          Collect 15 course markers
          Assign 2 skill points

Part V    Have or craft 4 bridles
          Harvest 80 Red Roses
          Assign 2 Skill Points

          Rewards 1000XP 500 coins, 1 Palomino horse

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12-em-plus add reply

I of course don't have any of these missions yet, but am getting requests from my friends for items so it must be rolling out slowly.

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