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Light-bulbExperiment: let's tag and annotate all the missing items for all the levels! First: Ch3!

by Chao Lam - May 01, 2011 Star_s18,136 views

Here's a fun experiment that I'll love all of you to try: let's collaboratively figure out all the missing items for each picture, for every chapter!

I'm going to start with Ch3 Suzhou Gardens, since that's where I'm currently at.

Here's link to my Flickr Photo:

Update: Beijin Market (5/8/2011)

You can see from the screenshot below, I've already started tagging some items. Can you all tag more for me? Can you create more posts for all the other chapters and pictures?!

annotated image of Ch3 Suzhou Gardens

First, you'll need  a Flickr Account.

Next, click the link above, and then click and drag a bounding box representing the missing item. Click "note" and write down the name of the missing item. That's it!

I've made this photo so that it can be tagged by any Flickr user. Please do not abuse it! Thanks!

Update: for folks adding new scenarios, please remember to give all flickr users permission to tag that photo under Owner Settings as shown below:

allow any flickr user to tag

Update May 20 2011: Please check out Match Schiller's new uploads. Many, many new scenarios![email protected]/with/5732165765/

(includings Chs 1-6), Thanks, Match!

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12-em-plus add reply

Uh? I thought there was another thread about all the scenes?

all scenes i posted up. include blackwood,



uppss... changed it. Should work now.


@Match Schiler: Thanks for adding the new scenarios, but in order for other folks to tag, you need to allow any flickr member to add tags under Owner Settings:

edit owner settings


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