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Light-bulbWow! Is very impressed with Zynga!

by Sheila Rogers - May 04, 2011 Star_s74 views

Hi is everyone else liking the way Zynga are constantly making things easier to use, for example now when we click on items in our gift boxes to use for building etc, you can now use all of the item say wooden boards without having to keep going back to your gift box to click again. The watering cans, building materials and feeding bottles can all be used in this way and now to my delight, the same is happening when you click on your flower stall. When you look inside and click on a flower it picks all of the type at once and lets you place as many as you want to around your farm. I couldnt be bothered before and when I planted and harvested flowers I was always being told my flower stall was full and to share or lose these.
Thank you zynga for making these tools work faster!!

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Yeah! 1 step forward, 10 steps back!

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