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Light-bulbQuestion about snag bar

by Barbara Miller - May 04, 2011 Star_s39 views

When your snag bar is snagging items and it says we snagged a donut for exchanging a donut and 4 more items, where are these " 4 more items coming from? Are they coming out og my inventory? And if so, what if I don't want them taking items from inventory as I may need them for other quests, can I set my snag bar to just recieve donut for a donut and not "other items:?
I play Cityville and love using the snag bar but am unsure of what items it is trading in exchange for items snagged

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Replies are not available on this topic.

For any Snag Bar question or problem you may be having, please visit the Answers to "Where are my snagged items?" and other Snag Bar Questions thread. Read through ALL of the information posted there. If after going through the thread you still have a question or a problem, please post it over there. Make sure to note the last section of the original post over there.


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