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Light-bulbGranny's Mother's Day Missions - Finding field mice for Granny's kitty!

by Tonya Collins - May 04, 2011 Star_s1,980 views

A Fancy Dinner:

tend 30 adult cows on your homestead

tend 40 pigs on your homestead or a neighbor's

Have or collect 2 bacon -

reward: 1 luch, 250 xp, 500 coins.


Granny's Broken Still:

harvest 20 wheat on your homestead

request 10 copper pots

Hire 5 friends

rewards 600 xp, 1 whiskey still, 750 coins


Granny's Kitty

harvest 50 tomatoes

ask for 15 cans of sardines

find nine field mice

rewards: 1000 xp, 1 Lynx, 1000 coins


The collect 9 mice feature works like the Rango did. When you open the progress bar you will see this screenshot. You will have to capture 9 mice which each come from a particular wildflower as shown in the pictures below. When you click on it a picture of a mouse will appear. When you collect 3 , 6, and 9 you will receive the rewards as indicated in the picture below. 


The lynx will give 44 coins and 25 food per tend plus a 10% chance of an extra 10 food , it can be sold for 3000 coins and 200 food and also drops mystery animal collectibles.




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12-em-plus add reply

I finally got the tables back. I received the pop up like always when I loaded my game except this time all the mice are there. Maybe the pop up will go away now that the missions are completed.


wtf is going on here with this mission!! always when i get mice it says BLASTED INTERNET CONNECTION!!

try to repair it, it doesn't make sense to play FrV like this, its not fun!!


Hmm. Everytime I try to harvest corn I get my third mouse, and then as soon as I try to harvest any more corn it says "blasted internet connection..." and restarts. Did it 3 times in a row. Guess I cant harvest corn.


I also had all the tables until i completed the mission. Now every time I load the game it pops up showing have 3 mice, only one table and the mission is gone from my mission list. ??


I think its probably a glitch. I keep getting the pop up showing I still need 6 mice when I load my game but I have completed all the missions as well. 


same with me finished mission had al the tables en suddenly it was gone no mission in the game no mice


finished all the quest. but suddenly i lost all three tables. and have to collect all mice again. but no mice shows up since i've already finished all granny mother's day mission. everytime i put the table on my ftv, "blasted internet. must refresh!' anyone having similiar problem?

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