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by Lana Phillips - May 04, 2011 Star_s281 views

One of my farmville neighbours has gone up way over 120 levels in a couple of months - how is this possible - she is not even on GU??  She's at level 240

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12-em-plus add reply

Lol, never would I have 1000 cows.  I have the one dairy and about 30 others :)


If I wanted to sit and harvest my cows all day I could easily do 10 levels per day. I have close to 1000 belted cows which would total approx 120 million coins. but who wants to sit and harvest cows for 8 -10 hrs? I am over level 500. It was fun for a while, but you reach a point where you have to ask yourself why?


It's not necessarily a bot..I don't use one but do maximize my belted cows..I can easily have 10 million coins every 2 days to buy 2 mansions for 10,000,000.  I get 50,000 xp for each one so I have the 100,000xp I need to level up :)


Very simple, she is using a bot. A bot can level up an account to 124 in 45 minutes. An established account would be even faster if you wanted to, since there would be some coin money available.

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