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Light-bulbKennel and new Kennel missions

by Barbara D'Angelo - May 06, 2011 Star_s1,244 views

The Kennel is the latest building, This is supposed to enable us to train our dogs.  After placing the frame  and 10 wacks it will be ready to complete.  To complete you will need to collect the following items:

15 scrubbin tubs
15 Bandanas
15 Puppy Kisses
10 Stuffed Rabbits
10 Wags
10 Muddy paws

The first 3 items are ask friends and the last three are feed requests

Along with the Kennel we will have 4 new missions to help build and get ready to train our dogs:

Part I  Training Day
        Place Doghouse
        Place Pet Store
        Purchase Kennel from the Market

        Rewards  250 food and 4 crooked fences

Part II  Diggin' Up Bones

        Chop Trees 30 times on your homestead
        Feed one of your dogs or puppies 7 times
        Collect 10 rolled up Newspapers

        Rewards 500 XP and 2 Apricot Trees

Part III  Bark at the Moon

        Visit 20 Neighbors
        Tend 30 Adult sheep on your homestead
        Fullfill one neighbor wishlist request

        Rewards 300 food and a sudsy tub

Part IV  Gone to the Dogs

        Harvest 50 Wheat
        Sell 25 Adult sheep
        Collect 15 pet brushes

        Rewards 400 food and a Poop Scoop

And of course this will mean more collections:

The Kennel collection

Pet Door
Mop'n bucket
Ear plugs
Poop Scoop

Rewards 100XP 1 Chunky Chow

The herding collection

Dead snake
Skunk pelt
Deer poop
Sheperds Crook

The reward is 100XP and a Barbed wire fence

The Digging Dog Collection

Rusty can
Moldy Shoe
Old Bottle
Bent fork
Silver Dollar

Reward 100XP and a hole in the grass

Hunting Dog collection

Duck decoy
Deer blind
Shotgun shell
Moose trophy

Rewards 100XP 200 food


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12-em-plus add reply

@Tonya, thanks! I was coming back here to say mine seems to be working when I got up today. I'm not on Part III yet...


Part III is also tend 30 sheep you Your homestead, not neighbor's


Has anyone else noticed that part 3 sayst to grant 5 neighbors wish list requests, but the progress only shows that you need one?



@Crystal, I do to so I don't guess it affected everyone. Mine finally started saving progress last night so hopefully I can move on...


hmm...I do have friends asking for pet brushes which implies that they have made it to Part IV.

Whatever. I can be patient.

---also, Maybe I should mention, I just went back to my frontier and I did NOT get rewarded again for completing Part 1. I'm still going to wait before feeding my dog again.


Oh, I think I get it now. I wasn't actually getting far enough to complete the part 2. So when I came back, I would be told again that I completed part 1 (by placing the kennel). The newspapers I've collected are still there, but it says I didn't feed my dog. I fed him twice. Like you, my food is gone from feeding him.

I'll just wait for them to fix it. It's not like I'm not busy with other missions still.


That's what it is doing to me, each time I log in I get the same completed mission, complete it again and it shows completed until I log back in. I think I'm going to follow their advice and not worry with it until its fixed. What really makes me mad is that I fed the dog and completed the mission but when I came back and restarted all the milk I had was gone but the progress was too Frown


Yeah, but my problem isn't with not being credited for feeding my dog and getting past the 2nd part. Every time I go to my Frontier, it celebrates that I completed pat 1 and makes me start over. It credits me for feeding the dog. Then it resets after I leave and come back.

Or maybe in the eyes of the Frontierville team that IS the same problem...


There are issues with progress being saved on the second mission as well as issues with the dog house being credited. I can't get passed the second mission. I have redone it several times already. This is from the Zynga forums:

"  It's come to our attentiion that players are currently unable to progress beyond the second mission of the Kennel questline. Players have reported that chopping trees and feeding the dog does not count toward mission progress. 

Our development team is aware of the issue, please hold off on progressing through these missions for the time being as we expect a fix for this issue very soon. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Thank you for your patience."

"Players have reported that they have placed the doghouse, but it is not being credited for the first part of the kennel missions. We are working as quickly as possible to get this restored and will have you back in business as soon as possible!"

Thanks for your patience!

- The FrontierVille Team



yeah i also think... and i tried to move it, rotate it, nothing :(


Have you tried moving it to see if it would count? I think they are moving too far ahead with all the missions and are getting way too many bugs with game play.


hi :)
i already have a doghouse in my farm, but the "place a a doghouse" is not checked :/


I sure wish they would let me play catch up before throwing more stuff my way Smile

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