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by Sharma Sandeep - May 08, 2011 Star_s809 views

Well hello Gamers..!!Sandeep Here...
Yes as the topic says,<!U have 75% of u farm getting unbanned(ONLY IF BANNED)
All u gotta do is a bit of lying.,.U have to have atleast a 10$ or 5$ game card code with you..
Yes after that,,
Go to Zynga live chat or email them telling them that...U are a sincere person now..
You have stopped Cheating u have bought loads of Gamecards and blah blah..
You can buy Urself Game cards..Visit this link
Or U can complete offers On Gamers Unite..And earn Urself some good coins and Redeem for game cards..
Offer page link :-
After u have successfully earned some coins..Go to this link to redeem
After you have successfully redeemed Then Go to this link
Then Click on this link!chat-button-name=chat-FarmVille-english-2&SV!chat-button-room=chat-FarmVille-english-2&referrer=%28button%20dynamic-button:chat-FarmVille-english-2%28%29%29%20http%3A//
If u get an error fine..Go to this link and Email them making appropriate selections
And then tell them all the possible stories i posted above and reminder ( U HAVE 75% OF UR FARM Getting Unbanned..)
I just did this to my friend..he got his farm back after 2 days..He was so happy tht he shed tears of joy..But it was hard doing so...So all The best Friends,Hope this helps.. :D

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12-em-plus add reply

most people get banned from FACEBOOK rather than the farm... i did because someone hacked my facebook and changed my password so the closed my account thus i lost my fantastic farm and had to start again with a new facebook account and a new farm.


People don't get banned from using the snagger, they get banned for using the Hack Engines, including Charles..


@TIM you can't get banned from using snag bar. i think most of the people that were banned were using a "charles" bot. never use it myself. i haven't heard of anyone getting banned for a little while now and i think if it was an issue then there would be alot of buzz going on about it. it's been pretty quiet on the subject lately. the guy that made this post has been putting posting about old stuff so don't get too worked about it. i think he is just trying to win coins. don't "shed any tears of joy" or anything. LOL


Could I get banned for useing this snag bar? If so how many ppl have been banned from FV?, and for how long? I don't want to get banned and what can I do not to get banned?

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