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Light-bulbMYSTERY GAME -- RARE Mystery Prize by comparing Balloons & Servers MYTH: BUSTED

by Jemer Estacio - May 08, 2011 Star_s1,654 views

While wandering across my facebook  account, I saw this ARTICLE about the Way to get RARE Mystery Prize by comparing Balloons & Servers MYTH: BUSTED by The Dirt Farmer and I thought it would be great if I'll share it to the GU Community as well as for the benefit of our fellow Farmville players. [Source: The Dirt Farmer]

Way to get RARE Mystery Prize by comparing Balloons & Servers MYTH: BUSTED
[SOURCE: The Dirt Farmer on Sunday, May 8, 2011 at 2:49pm]

This is for all the Farmer's who think they can find that
RARE Mystery Prize from the Mystery Dart Game by comparing where other
Players found it.

Recently...I gathered a small
control group of about 20 FV Players who regularly play the Dart Game.
We all won the RARE prize a few weeks in a row and shared reults. This
is what we discovered.

MYTH #1: The Rare prize is in the same spot for everyone... FALSE
This one was easy to dis-prove...In fact it's common knowledge. We found the Rare Prize in as many as 5 different locations per Game

MYTH #2: Players on the same Server will have the Rare Prize in the same Balloon...
We discovered that of the 3 of us who found the Rare Prize in the same Balloon...All 3 of us were on different Servers. The 4 of us on the SAME Server found our Rare Prize in 4 DIFFERENT Balloons

MYTH #3: The same 2 Players will always find their Rare Prize in the Balloon...

In consecutive weeks... Myself and another Player found the Rare Prize in
the SAME Balloon during Week One of our test...But not Weeks 2 and 3

No Players in our Test EVER matched the same balloon to each other Twice


The Mystery dart game is totally random...There is NO WAY to compare Balloons to 100% gaurantee the Rare Prize


During our tests we NEVER found the rare in more than 5 Different
places...Meaning...There may only be 5 hiding spots in the Game for the
RARE...This is NOT proven...And is only Speculation

Origin of MYTH:

There are TWO possibilities...

First... This was all just wishful thinking and random Luck

Second... At one point this was FACT...And that by comparing Server to Balloon you
could win the RARE...But has since been PATCHED by ZYNGA

Hope this information helps you on your way to the Mystery Games Dart Boar..

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12-em-plus add reply

@ Clinton: I agree with Clinton, server does matter. Coz I myself did start the test for 10 people.


Grats on welsh pony on the first try!!


welp, it's worked for me on the last two mystery games.. so hoping for a posting this time too..


I am on server spots are:  center, col 2 row 2, col 3 row 2 and col 5 row 5.  I always start with the center and most times that is the welsh pony first try in the center :):)


Dirt Farmer has been posting pieces of false info for the last few weeks. 

Ask live support there is 3 - 5 variations on each server. 

So server does matter i have already done this test with 50 people from my facebook who get free darts. 
I never posted any results as people already know that the server does matter 

This is why sdirt farmer has banned me for posting on his page because i ALWAYS PROVED him wrong.


Actually I like seeing where others get the rare prizes. I use it as a general guide, not as a mathematical formula or sure bet and have pretty good luck usually. Still would rather pay regular price and ditch the game though.


hopefully people read this and stop putting stupid posts about which balloon they found their prize cause it's getting really old but i guess that is just wishful thinking. nice post!!!

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