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Light-bulbHow to Maximize Resources.

by Sean BornThis'way Collins - May 09, 2011 Star_s2,324 views

Okay, go cut all your trees and gold and stone capture the animals, kill any trolls available. After all that go fight somebody and when you come back your animals and trees will have respawned, the gold and stone however are recharged over time so there's no quick way to fix that.

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12-em-plus add reply

You can do that. But what I do is after I've caught all of the animals, collected everything there is to collect, and defeated all the enemy trolls, I just refresh the page. Here's another good tip. If you're having difficulty defeating all the trolls and you best unites die, simply DO NOT MOVE YOUR UNITES, but refresh the page. Then once you've resumed playing, all of your unites that had died before you refreshed the page have been revived and are place where you had them them placed when you first started the game. I hope this helps! :)

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