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Light-bulbDog Training Guilde

by Tonya Collins - May 09, 2011 Star_s3,354 views

After you finish the kenel missions that Barbara has posted Here, you can begin training your adult dogs. Simply go to the kenel and click on train dogs. From there you will see a series of 3 missions for hunting, herding, and digging. You can start all three of these missions at the same time and once completed you will be able to choose which dog to apply these skills too. I have not completed all of them yet and some are quiet difficult. Since I dont have them myself I can not be 100% sure that the missions won't vary a bit so if you see any mistakes please feel free to let me know. You can also use the link above to view the new collections that go with these missions.



Part I:

 Clobber Three Groundhogs with dog following

Clobber Three Snakes with Dog following

Collect 10 Varmint Hunting Permits

Reward: 200 Food, 5 Wheat Boosts

Part II:

Clobber Three Foxes with Dog following

Clobber Three Bears with Dog following

Collect 15 Varmint Hunting Certificates

Reward: 200 Food, New ability

Part III:Apply Varmint Hunting to one dog

Reward: 200 food, Bear Claw

(For Part III of any skill teaching series, you'll simply need to head back to the beginning  and click on "Apply" to apply that particular skill to that specific Dog.)



Part I:

Clear 10 grass with dog following

Clear 10 thorns with dog following

Collect 15 digging certificates

Reward: 200 food, Wormy Apple

Part II:

Clear 10 wildflowers with dog following

Clear 10 Skulls with dog following

Collect 15 digging certificates

Reward: Brown Feather, Digging Skill

Part III

Apply digging to one dog

Reward: 500 food



Part I:

Tend 30 Adult sheep with dog following

Tend 30 Adult cows with dog following 

Collect 10 herding permits

Reward: 200 food, 1 Sheep

Part II:

 Sell 50 Adult sheep with dog following

Sell 50 Adult cows with dog following

Collect 15 herding certificates

Reward: 200 food, Herding skill for the dog

Part III:

Apply herding skills to one dog 

Reward: 200 food, 1 Goat

Once you've taught your Dog a skill, you'll be given yet another set of missions, which will see the Dog actually using its new skills . All Missions are repeatable, so you you can train more than one dog in the future. Here are the details for each skill:

A Huntin' Dog
Clobber 5 Bears with your Dog

Clobber 5 Groundhogs with your Dog

Clobber 5 Snakes with your Dog

Reward: 1,000 XP and Chunky Chow

A Herdin' Dog
Tend 10 Animals with your Dog

Make 10 Unready Animals "Ready" with your Dog (use boosts)

Tend 10 Adult Oxen with your Dog

Reward: 1,000 XP and Chunky Chow

A Diggin' Dog
Clear 5 Grass with your Dog

Clear 5 Wildflowers with your Dog

Clear 5 skulls with your Dog

Reward: 1,000 XP and Chunky Chow

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now you can train your dog at home with all these videos just search for "FINDDOGTRAINER.INFO" and you can train your dog


My dogs don't give any indication of wanting to be fed


i am also having problems completing the herding quests!!!!!!!!


This is the response I got from Zynga. havent checked the game yet to see if its completed..

Hello camille,

Thank you for contacting Zynga Customer Support for FrontierVille.

My name is Jack with FrontierVille Support Team. Thank you for writing us your concern and I'm extremely sorry with the frustration you are feeling right now because of this experience. I wish to reassure you that I'll be doing my best to address your issue.

I understand that you're having problems about the herding quest. I do apologize for the inconvenience. Don't worry I have completed the quest and added 15 dinner meals.

Thank you for playing and have a nice day.

Warm regards,

Jack D.



I am having the same problem, it wont register that I tended 30 sheep and cows with the dog following me...but it will with any other task that I need to perform with the dog just not the darn cows and sheep...I sent a ticket to Zynga, waiting for a response..


these really sucks now. Getting so annoyed. I am on the herding training part 1 which says to tend 30 cows and sheep with dog following. I have done this and nothing is happening they are not registering them. Also I have digging training part II and III and says click to apply the dog you want well I dont have no button to click on that says apply.


cows in barn do register, might work with sheep too.


I'm having the same problem, herding part 1 isn't working, tending cows or sheep isn't registering. I've done this mission loads of times with no problems, hope it's sorted soon.


i can't tend 30 adult cows with dog following... i did this many times but i'm still 10 from 30.any ideas why?thank you.


I'm having the same problem as this one posted in May re: A Herding Dog, specifically the "Make ten unready animals, ready with your dog."

**Having problems getting dog to make unready animals ready with the boosts. I click on activate and apply the boosts, but the dog isn't doing it....Anyone else having this problem? Am i doing something wrong?**


So, maybe the A Huntin' Dog mission didn't just disappear on me. Maybe I completed it without completing it.

Because, I finished the digging training missions this morning. I was given the "A Diggin' Dog" mission, but I was out of energy and had to go to work.

Now that I'm home, I'm being congratulated for completing it and the option to share rewards. Thing is, I didn't do a single thing to complete the goals....



So, out of the 3 things you can train your dog, I only completed the Hunting. For some reason, I have Part II and Part III of the digging ones as 2 separate missions.

But the really weird part is that after I had my dog attack a few snakes, bears, a fox and a coyote, the "A Huntin' Dog" mission is gone! I didn't finish it. I didn't hunt any groundhogs. But, it's gone.


i just activate my dog and click on an animal and he tends boosts required


@Osok... You go to the kennel and click on train dogs. Then you can click on apply  to finish part III. You will now be able to complete digging tasks with your dog which uses "chow" for energy.


Digging Part 3 i need Help , what do i do ?????


There was a popup saying I finished the missins, and the dog has mastery in all the skills


Or you sure it was  completed or just dissapeard? Mine have dissapeared 3 times already and when they decide to come back I have to start from scratch! 


This is really weird I just finished the last mastery for the dog training, but I never really completed any of them, I started them like in the hunting one, I got 5 bears and 5 snakes and when I logged back on it was completed without the groundhogs.  Just now I did the 9 oxen, which gave me 9 animals tended and used 2 boosts and ran out of chunky chow, when I reloaded the game it finished it without doing the rest of the boosts or tending.  The only one I completed for real was the digging dog.


I used to get snakes like crazy but I have to clear a lot more now for them to appear. I have limited skulls even with the collections I cashed out on so that's not really an option either.   


Ellen skulls are the only item that is a sure thing each time you clear it to get snakes, the other items produce snakes but not at the rate skulls do.  

I have to say I am also quite dissapointed in the dog training, the amount of chunky chow, which is hard to get at best, is quite ridiculous.

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