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Light-bulb"Baa Chicka Baa Baa BOOM!!" May 9-15 Chameleon Breeding Tips - NEW PATTERN?? FAILED!

by Vanessa Galpin - May 09, 2011 Star_s4,356 views



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            NEWEST INFO FIRST           


                                  Weekend Peeks & Issues! 


May 13 - 15, 2011

Wow!  This farmer is excited!!  Why you ask??  Well we all know now by now that the new Limited Editions in the Market will be released tomorrow.  The Scottish Flag Ewe is part of the Limited Edition collection!     You can purchase the Ewe for 20 FV cash in the Market.


Ok.. so what is the big deal?   Another blue sheep.. Yaahoo..  Undecided Guess WHAT!!!  A reliable source from Zynga with who I have dealt with in the past told me that the pattern on the sheep will work!!!   Could Zynga be stepping up to the plate??  Yell ZYNGA STRIKES AGAIN!!  NO PATTERNS.. 


Well I can tell you that this Farmer is very excited and will be trying it with the Straight Colors and the Chameleon!! Can we change the colors in the criss cross like the stars - camos - dots - stripes??  I guess we will have to wait and see!!  I know that this Farmer will be trying to make one that is red and white!  Laughing  WHAT A LET DOWN!  Do not let them fool you because I tried the other patterns and they work.  Again the Scotish Flag Ewe is just a costume and will only produce a straight color and the developers/studio have FAILED AGAIN!!

"I was checking your particular problem and found out that there are other accounts affected with this inconvenience." Hmm.. You mean every one that purchased one?? "According to the Development Team, the resolution is in progress, I'm asking you to please be patient while a final resolution comes out."  Does that mean NEVER??





                                       ZYNGA STRIKES AGAIN!


Tips for the Weekend


Need Bottles?  A Question was asked about the "Special Delivery Boxes...building materials only!!" by Lauren WhoDat Anderson   "Why the heck are my special delivery boxes giving me nails, bricks and boards only!!! I need bottles and other useful items.....this is getting OLD!!!"


Want more Bottles for your lambs?  Well this will only work if you have a baby pig on the side. Do not grow it. (Trust me it is worth it)  Then open 10 Special Delivery Boxes at a time to get 10 bottles to feed your lamb.

  • You must have no seedlings on your farm or have at least have 8 watering cans in your gift basket or you will get water cans and 2 bottles. 
  • Remember to accept all of your baby bottle gifts from neighbors and use them.  Or they will not be in the Special Delivery Boxes when you open them.  You will only get construction material.  
  • If you find that you are only getting 8 bottles and two construction items that means you already have the two.  So go up and refresh the gift basket by clicking on the top right hand corner where you accept your gifts. Then x out.  Maybe you snagged some with out realizing it.  Go to your gift basket and they will be there.  Seems to refresh everything with out having to start the game over. Hope this helps.
Click on your lamb and ask for bottles.  You can go back and repeat this process till you have asked every neighbor on your list.   Warning If you click on every neighbor you have you will have to wait to ask again.  I split mine up. Half water and the other half bottles.  That way I do not use up my 200 limit/restrictions
When helping neighbors with their love positions (5 helping hands) please remember it does NOT count to your 200 limit.  So click/snag away all day if you want without worries.  So don't forget to give A LiTtLe ExTra LoVin to your friends!!  If you forgot how to spread that LoVin Click Here!  Surprised


May 13, 2011


Wow!  Looks like they are now coming up with a description as to what we are getting with all lambs and sheep!!!  This is why we are having the out-of-sync issues when we are breeding our sheep. 
My Question to Zynga Live Chat was "Why is the description showing up on the lambs??  Is this the route cause as to why we are having these out-sync issues when breeding?"
"They are being worked on by the Developers.  The only thing that will give you a hint on what type of Sheep the Lamb will grow into, will be their color." Source Zynga Agent From Live Chat

But then maybe it has to do with the Swine Flu that has been starting up again lol!  CURRENT STATE OF PIG BREEDING as of May 13, 2011  by GoodFinger Ole Lautner
I think these latest out-of-sync issues is because of the Swine Flu Surprised Could not be the MSD out break!!! Foot in mouth  The Pigs are up to know Good!! Laughing And a cure has not been found!!!  hACK cAuGH.. cAUgH!!! Money mouth

May 10-13, 2011




As you know the new and improved Chameleon Ram is Now on Sale in the Market for 20 FV Cash.  If you purchase the Chameleon Ewe from the Market previously, you should have a free one in your gift box.  With this Chameleon Ram you are able to breed other color changing sheep (Chameleon Ewe and the Rainbow Dot Ram) plain or with patterns


Good News!!  So Far I have been able to breed the Chameleon Ram/Ewe & Rainbow Ram with: 

     *  Dots   *  Stripes    Stars   
     *  Camo  *  Hoods    *  Plain 
             (Note:  The patterns will not change color but the body will)
Patterns:  So when doing patterns, I try and get a dud pattern to start off with.  For Example: When breeding the Ram Stripe OR Star with the chameleon change color ewe you will get a dud pattern (stripe OR star) ewe (female sheep).  (This will have the chameleon ability in the coding) then cross breed it with a chameleon ram. If you get lucky or after a few tries you should have a chameleon stripe OR star ram sheep (A sheep with stripes or stars that the body changes colors).

"Now, the probability to inherit the chameleon color-changing ability is much higher and mimics pattern inheritance: the chameleon ability can only be inherited from the father (at a certain percentage chance), and the chance of inheritance increases dramatically if both parents have the chameleon ability." OFFICIAL STATEMENT FROM ZYNGA : PART 4 "A FEW SHEEP BREEDING CHANGES" by GoodFinger Ole Lautner

Adoptions:  My daughter adopted two of my Chameleon hybrids/offspring's. An Ewe and a Ram.  She was able to breed them again with success.  However, if you adopted a sheep and do not know the genealogy you may end up getting White Sheep. 
  • Why am I producing White Sheep you ask??!! Yell Well this Farmer knows that all of my sheep on my Home Farm are Pure Zynga Sheep or the hybrids/offspring's of these Zynga Sheep.  None have been adopted so I know they have not been cross contaminated with any hacks.  Hybrids/offspring's may not work unless you know what the heritage is.  If it has any coding from the hacks they could be deemed sterile and you could only produce "dead" duds.  Who knows what Zynga came up with this time!  Surprised




May 10, 2011 (Morning!)




A friend wants to breed with ewe! ( FarmVille Feed ) Tongue out Source:  Clinton Stothard  So my only Comment and Question on this new thing is..


Well to me it's obvious that this will be a good thing when it is implemented, especially with the new sheep releases.  I am always running out of Love Potions so that my neighbors can adopt and save money.  However..  Just a thought and a question here..


If your not accepting the lamb but they are.. do they fork over the loVin or do you share??  Tongue out  Jesh.. Who gets custody??  What if they give you a dud.. Surprised  How many times can you umm.. breed with the same neighbor?  OR will it be restricted like the 1 adoption per day.. I guess we will have to wait and see..  Wink


May 9, 2011


                  Kiss Chameleon Ram's are Now on Sale!!! Kiss


Wow! Looks like Zynga has their act together!  A Chameleon Ram is now on sale in the market for only 20 FV Cash!! But wait!  Before you buy one look in the gift box!  You may have gotten one for free! 


                                  Guess what!!  Yes it works!! Laughing 




Note: I will update with pictures and see what I can breed it with..  Patterns do work!  Polka sheep and the Striped will post pictures in the morning!  Zynga bred / hybrids (offsprings of Zynga Sheep) If anyone has pictures.. of them as well as what they bred it with.. patterns polka dots etc. please post below!  Will go search (lurking Surprised) on neighbours F/B tomorrow!


From the Farmville Blog... 


"In our continued effort to refine and update the sheep breeding process we made some changes today, specifically towards the chameleon color-changing ability that we’ve previously released. Now, the probability to inherit the chameleon color-changing ability is much higher and mimics pattern inheritance: the chameleon ability can only be inherited from the father (at a certain percentage chance), and the chance of inheritance increases dramatically if both parents have the chameleon ability. 


As you may know we removed the Chameleon Ewe from the Market last week in part because it wasn’t working the way it should. While we may return it to the Market in the near future, today we are gifting everyone who purchased a Chameleon Ewe with one new Chameleon Ram (a color-changing ram with no pattern). This new ram should be available in the Market later tonight at 9PM PDT.
White sheep should no longer be outright produced by color-changing sheep if the ability is not being inherited--instead it should be more of a reddish color." 

    - Ok.. Give me a day to make my comments lol.. Stay tunned!  In the mean time.....





                      Kiss  (Going to be a whole lot more LoVin this week!!)  Embarassed

                                                               Foot in mouth


Did Zynga have a RouGh weekend?

No Welsh Sheep in the Market for Sale!  To my surprise I located it in the mystery balloons.  "Pop the balloon" 20 FV Cash Money mouth


No big deal, I had two free balloons.  Not like I am wasting any money right?  Maybe I will get lucky.  Yes! 2nd try and I got it! Note that it is Uncommon.. So You can spend another 20 FV cash and try try again for another!!!  Money mouth



Now I am anticipating (Not really) breeding some cool sheep with the design/patterns.. Cool



I used a hybrid straight white Zynga Sheep (Ram)



Guess What!!  It gives you a light puke brown straight color and when you get the ram and breed it back it looks awful.  Surprised



Why would anyone want to produce this color's?  I would not mix the pink and brown sheep which you can.. to get the same straight color.  What on earth did the designers come up with? Seriously.. was someone sick that day when they made it? No way do these patterns carry over.




Not that I expected them to..


Complete total scam and a waste of money. Yell When I complained to customer service, they told me they would send our chat conversation to the developers to investigate this..  Can they make something work for a change or again it is all about the $$  




Please leave a comment or a picture of what you come up with.. going to breed it with some patterns, and see what I come up with lol Undecided


For more information on the Welsh Sheep Click Here to go to RELEASED Badger Ewe! ( MYSTERY GAME ) | FarmVille Feed (WHY MAKE SHEEP IF WE CAN NOT BREED AS ANNOUNCED) by Clinton Stothard



To go back to the orignal post (in case you missed this weekends post..) Click Here to follow the orignal link - Sheep DNA List!! "Baa Chicka Baa Baa BOOM!!"


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So... the Scottish sheep will not breed anything but a straight color? And since I have no problem getting solid color sheep I shouldn't waste FV cash? Dang it...


I've been trying to add friends who I can breed some sheep with, because at the moment I've just got 30 different coloured ones, lots of different colours but no funky patterns or anything. I'll send bottles and love potions etc, or gifts of your choice etc, But all the people who added me can't speak a word of English haha :P anyone willing to help a bored farmer ? :p sick of getting boring sheep xx


Anything.. It is like the England Ewe.. Blue.. but a Straight Color


What can we do with a Scottish ewe? Breed her with what?


Keep me up to date Lauren and let me know what you get!  New Flag sheep coming out!  Wondering if the Line is a patternern or is it straigth blue!


Keep me up to date Lauren and let me know what you get!  New Flag sheep coming out!


I am breeding cammo and plain but am having no luck with stars :((


@ Sarah that is good to hear!



@ Toni, you can buy one in the market or adopt



Just got the hood Good Finger.. Now..hmm what do I do.. have them all!!  Ok.. filing another complaint with Zynga that they need another pattern lol


i keep trying on the STARS but still not producing a CC offprings


I just got a changing color lamb that grew into a changing color ram with a strip around it. I did this with the chameleon ewe and a yellow/pink ram. Then I got a solid color changing ram from the chameleon ram and a blue w/white stars ewe.


does anyone have a spare flashing/change colour sheep,i would be very gratefull,i cant seem to get one anywhere !!!
thanks x


Thanks Dawn, the camo was hard to get, had to do it 10 times and not enough lps to try it.. but now I am on to the hoods.. have not seen any in the feed.. so i am hoping it will catch/breed..


thanks for posting this. i love the visual of all the different sheep and how u got the colors. i haven't had much success with these but i know it's trial and error. :)


Well the share link for Facebook now works..


the first agent i spoke to was useless.. posted a copy and post remark to me.. I asked him to post a real answer or I was going to exit the chat conversation and go back to get a more experienced agent with knowledge of what i was talking about.. When they start saying its random .. etc.. then you know its a direct copy and paste comment.. So when I went back.. the new agent said he was aware.. I got my balloons back and cash... so Realisticaly I have no reason to complain.. I went back with the free balloons and got the horse duck and another sheep for the EC farm.. My original two darts came with the GU gift card I purchase this weekend..


i could only go complain after playin this weeks game a sheep really???
i told the agent that after 3 weeks worth of major glitches they should
know by now to just leave sh*t alone! i also told them that they mystery game is illegal :)
for it so illegal gambling $ for cash prizes and they are still selling us the useless market sheep
that right there is Committing Fraud! least ours worked right from the start get a clue! this is about the time he booted me from i tend to let them have it when they had no intent to help me at all some agents waste your time for sure


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Here is one I got with the patterns..

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