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Light-bulbSnag Bar issues - fixed May 11, 2011

by Bebe Lee - May 11, 2011 Star_s7,912 views

Update (05/12/11 @ 12:07 PM PST): If your 1-Click Gifts isn't showing up, please click the G logo -> "Layout Manager" -> "Restore Layouts"

A number of people reported issues with snagging yeaterday:

Farmville - items are snagged with "unsure" message in the log even through they appear in the gift box.

Frontierville, Cityville,  Cafe World - not snagging

It was due to some format change made by Zynga games. We have made corresponding changes to make Snag Bar work again for these games!  

The changes should be rolling out to all snag bar users within next 12 hours. If you're in a hurry, just click "Reload Toolbar" on the snag bar. Happy snagging.

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Those reporting fewer snags, it'd help if you list what item we missed snagging. Please report which item it is, the time the bonus appeared on the feed, the time your started your snag session and the time you clicked manually to successfully receive the bonus.


To people who seems to be snagging less items than before:

Due to the recent Facebook api bug, there has been a slight change regarding how many posts we look into the PAST when you hit the "Snag" button.

Before the bug, we looked at the last 700 of ALL the past posts. If all of them were Farmville, for example, you were able to snag quite a bit from the past.

After the bug, we now only look at the last 30 feed of the specific game. If your preferences is set pretty tight, you might not be able to snag anything.

However, this only affects the old request. All the new request should be snagged exactly the same way.



Make sure your toolbar version is 0.99 on the Snag Bar Log page:

Some people said the "Reload Toolbar" doesn't work. In that case, try the following:

  1. Click on the "G" logo on the very left of the toolbar
  2. Click "Layout Manager"
  3. Click "Restore Default"
  4. For IE, Click "OK"

The solution also worked for me.

Start snap bar and collect what you can.

Stop snag bar.

Go to far left of the tool bar and click on "red G".

Choose Layout Manager

Click on Restore Defaults.

Start to Snag again.

On my first pass I picked up 15 items.

Did the above and then snalled another 92 items.


ok, i have figured out a way to get the snag bar to work every time and pull from older posts. It involves the admin posts at the top of this feed. I start my snag bar, it does the usual 16-20 pickups. When it stalls, I stop it and go to the "G" on the LEFT side of the toolbar. Go to layout manager like the admin describes above and restore my defaults. I restart my snag bar and presto it works like a charm. Thing is though, I have to do this EVERY single time. The restore defaults don't stick, I have to start snag bar, stop it, then restore defaults and start it again. But it works!! It picks up feeds from hours past. Hope this helps someone, it certainly has me.


My snag bar just stopped working. Was getting a few nothing.


My snag bar isn't working again, yes yall had it fixed on the 12th, now its the 25th and not snagging anythiing much, maybe 2 here and there, is something up with snaging again?


My 1-Click Gifts don't work on any browser. Still waiting ...but not for long D:<


done all that, and frontierville is still not snagging anything....grrrrr


today, 23/5/2011, snag bar is not picking up anything from frontierville


Cathy Oliver: Check that you have the latest sngbar version and that you have worked through the help section at the following: link

If after working through the troubleshooting section you still experience problems, head to the debuging section (2 pages) of troubleshooting and send the requested emails to [email protected]

Please be sure to read the section on TeamViewer as well.  Their are formalities that need to be accepted in using it.


'Christine Wells: literally hundreds of codes changed in zynga a couple of days ago.  Some of the codes we use, some we don't. I made the necessary changes for the codes that effect picking up the snaggable posts.  I'm still weeding out a few random posts (like duck pond rewards) that I did not see on the first run through.  But I've tested Love Potions and they should be working now.  Let me know if you still run into problems with them.  Thanks for the update!


My snag is not working. It is not snagging at all


Cheryl Harris: That's an interesting message we've not seen. Can you give us as much details how you see it? Is it in a dialog box or at the bottom in the status bar? What browser are you using. (A screenshot would be great). 

'Christine Wells: I'll ask Tony to see if there are any issues with love potions

Thanks for the reports.


love potions not snagging.

I have posted many love potion requests and have gotten 0 replies from GU friends... 1 reply from a non-gu friend so I know he snagged it manually.

I snagged one manually from a GU member just now that said it was 25 min old. my snag bar was on at least 15-20 minutes.So my snag bar did not catch it. Just letting you know in case the code was changed or something.


I have been getting this lately


any idea what this is??????


did not help me snag bar still will not snag frontierville and I get too much to do manually. I have just way too much ttrouble with this and it is taking the enjoyment of playing away..maybe it is just time to quit


Im having trouble with the 1 click gifts when it takes me there it wont let me except them i have uninstalled and reinstalled and still can not accept all please fix or tell me how to fix it im loosing all my gifts and can not finnish missions. please help


Is this still the case?

Amy Wong - May 12, 2011
"Before the bug, we looked at the last 700 of ALL the past posts. If all of them were Farmville, for example, you were able to snag quite a bit from the past.

After the bug, we now only look at the last 30 feed of the specific game. If your preferences is set pretty tight, you might not be able to snag anything."

Because my toolbar still isn't snagging anything from Farmville older than 2 hours (requests older than 2 hours are also not showing up in "Help Your Friends").

What is the status of not being able to look past the last 30 posts?


Ok so I have been reporting snagging problems with my snag bar so following your advice I when and snagged stuff at 1:24 it did not snag any watering cans i let it run for about 5 or 6 minutes.. I closed out and went back to me feed and was able to snag watering cans that were 5 minutes old that the snag bar did not pick up and I have water cans as one of my selections. You asked for us to do this so I have does this help you fix the problem? Thank you.

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