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Light-bulbReceived response from DDC and tokens!

by Paula Heuber Olsen - May 14, 2011 Star_s1,978 views

I wrote to DDC complaining about the loss of coins and terrible bonus rounds.  I received a quick response from them on the same  I was pleasantly surprised to hear from them and to also receive 750,000 tokens for my inconvenience...I just plain old wasn't happy!  :)  Let's see how long those tokens will last me...I did reply and thank them for both the response and the tokens.  I guess they do care a little after all.  They maintain the payoff is better than ever...hmmmmm.

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12-em-plus add reply

i would like to get some of my 700million chips back because your games cheated me out of them by not hitting at all


where do you write to DDC ? I have written to them several times and have yet to get a response. Just wrote a bout a bonus round with the new game where a vase displayed 100,000,000 and didnt pay me anything at all for it. Understand if it was a fluke however the vase should have paid SOMETHING preferably the displayed amount.


Glad for you, about 3-4 weeks ago after a glitch I lost 400,000 wrote to them ,they told me to go on using their site but never gave me back my money.

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