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Light-bulbFind All Your Older Mission Requirements HERE!!!

by Barbara D'Angelo - May 15, 2011 Star_s4,422 views

This is a list of missions in Frontierville and a link to the post that will give you mission requirements, just click on the title to go to the post.  There will be up to 3 new missions in sticky posts, you will find all the older ones here after they are no longer stickied.

Pioneer Trail Missions August 12

Mission Gift Request links  August 12

Grain silo misisons and blue corn August 3

Flintlock returns missions July 29

6 New timed missions July 27

Yosemite Honeymoon missions July 27

Inn upgrade missions July 22

Dr's Office upgrade, Animal Hospital July 19

Packing Bags and picking bangos July 15

Save the Children missions, Hammer Forge, Poineer Pavillion, Golden Trails Collection July 12

The Beastly Land Expansion July 9th

Hank and Fanny's Wedding  July 8

Birch Still missions, Chili Peppers, New Drinks July 5

Fourth of July missions July 1

Fowl pond and ducks June 27

Rodeo Arena, Missions and Racing June 22

Frontierville Legends: Cordwood Pete June 20

Pioneer Camp Mission June 18

Fanny's Getting Hitched, Planning the Big Day June 16

First Aniversity missions June 10

Saloon Poker Table goals, help Hank play poker  June 7

Colossal land expansion missions  June 2

Hankering for Fanny missions, wedding wagon June 1

Big barn upgrade may 25

Orchard building and missions may 24

Ducks the next injured animal may 24

Legends II and III, Calamidy Jane and Johnny Appleseed May 22

Cowgirls don't cry mission may 20

Frontierville Saloon, building and missions may 18

Fort Courage shower goals may 12

Livestock pen and breeding may 11

Dog training guide

Kennel and Kennel missions may 5th

Grannys Mothers day mission may 5th

Frontierville legends, blue ox

Its bigger on the inside-buildings in the storage shed

corral upgrade april 28

corral missions march 30 

Well spring missions april 23

Pet shop april 19th

Granny and her missions april 17

Ponderosa lodge April 13

Oregon Trail April 15

newspaper stand missions April 8th just missions no building

 Canning master april 4th

Aprils fools missions march 31st

Spring has Sprung march 25th

Enormous Homestead Expansion 37x37 march 24th

Dog house missions march 22

Finkertons Detective Agency March 18th

St Patricks Day march 15th

coyote missions march 11th

Repeatable Storage shed Expansion mission march 4th

Flower cart and missions

Repeatable flower missions march 1st

chicken coop expansion missions

Injured Animal White buffalo  


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