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Question-whiteNot able to send gifts to friends

by Judi Britt - May 17, 2011 Star_s3,040 views

I love playing this game, but can't send friends any gifts. It says that I should have a browser change, and I have one that is suggested, but still cannot send gifts. Does anyone have a suggestion that would help??

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My related problem is about receiving gifts/requests:

I can send gifts/requests, but I CAN'T RECEIVE GIFTS they are sending back to me. And I CANNOT HELP them when they hire me in completing their wonders or need materials from me!

I get the notifications but there's none in the Message Center of GoT. This has been happening to me for the last 4 days already. I HOPE THIS PROBLEM WILL BE FIXED IMMEDIATELY.


I'm having big problems with GOT sending to neighbours, returning favours and requesting stuff. Just keeps looping back to the send/request window. Hopeless! I hope my neighbours understand that there are issues !


Whats up with the Gardens of Time game? The Game said that they are working on the problem and they will fix it. The game is fun but, if this keeps up, what's the point of playing the game. No one will send you any gifts if you can't return them. PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM OR YOU WILL HAVE ONE LESS PLAYING YOUR GAME! Thank you


ADMIN - SOLUTION NEEDED! I can't send any gifts or request help either. My friends lists (GOT players and All) are all empty. I've cleared cache, deleted temp files, updated firefox, updated flash, doesn't work in IE either. I have tried sending gifts by all means possible and none of them work. return favor does not work, it just keeps looping back to the Send window/button. gift box does not work, have not found any solutions. I've just about had it.


I have tried using the gift box in the game screen, The "Free gifts" button, And going to all my friends gardens. I cant seem to send gifts to any one.
Could this be because the gifts that I had last sent have not been received? I have no clue what the problem is.
I have also noticed that when I go into the "free gifts" Button, it wants me to send gifts to my friends who don't even play the game. But none of the friends that actually do play are among them on that list. I am tired of this game forcing me to spam my friends. If they have not started playing the game yet, I am sure they never will. This is a huge glitch on PlayDom's part. How can we receive if we are not allowed to give?


ADMIN, PLEASE REPLY: Hi Judy, I too am having a big problem with this. Please can admin tell me if the issue is being sorted by playdom? I have firefox 4.0.1 and it was fine until the last few days. I have done all the usual thing like clearing my chache but now I just cant return gifts or send new ones. Nor can I post my results in the Blitz or on the challenges. It is really annoying. I guess I will just leave the game for a few days and see if they sort it. It is tedious


Hi Judy,
Do you send gifts using the "free gifts" button on top of your garden ? After clicking, you can choose your gift and then you get a list of friends to send it to. This is the best way to do it. Using the gift box at the bottom of your garden does not always work. I hope this solves your problem.

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